Quentin Crisp

Picture of Quentin Crisp

Date of Birth: 12/25/1908

Age: 90

Place of Birth: Sutton

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Pratt was born in Sutton, Surrey (Sutton, Surrey); He was the fourth child of Charles Spencer Pratt lawyer (Spencer Charles Pratt) and the former governess Frances Pratt, Marion (Frances Marion Pratt).

Some femininity began to appear in Daniel`s behavior is relatively early; Of course, in an unusual school boy teased much. After high school, Pratt enrolled in King`s College London (King`s College London); until the end, however, he did not finish my studies. While studying at the College Crisp began to actively go to a cafe in Soho (Soho); There he made friends with the other members of the homosexual and had begun to master the art of applying makeup and wearing women`s clothing.

He changed his name to `Quentin Krisp` Daniel after leaving; at that time he was already over 20 years old. Around the same time, Crisp began openly to appear in public in the frankly feminine outfits that pretty shocked Londoners and caused a number of incidents of aggression against homosexuals. Often, of course, the most battered and crisps.

During the Second World Quentin thought to join the ranks of the British army; on the medical committee, however, he was recognized as a sexual pervert and the service is not allowed.

In 1940, Quentin Crisp moved into the house at 129 Beaufort Street (129 Beaufort Street); where he lived for the next 40 years, until the move to the United States. According to rumors, during these 40 years, Crisp have never done any cleaning in the house - in his own words, after the first 4 years dirtier in the house is no longer felt.

In 1942 Crisp resigned as draftsman and became a model; the next 30 years he made a living by posing for local artists. Around the same time, short-Quentin published 3 books and set to work on his memoirs `The Naked Civil Servant`. The book was in 1968 - and got pretty good reviews.

The 1975 is based on `The Naked Civil Servant` picture was published in the British and American airwaves; played in the movie starring John Hurt (John Hurt) and Quentin Crisp become real stars. The success of the film adaptation has opened new paths before Crisp - he began to lecture and variety performances. Quentin toured the country with their own show; His first half was a comic monologue - partly based on his acclaimed memoir, the second - the answers to questions from the audience. Crisp was surprisingly talented orator and storyteller; the success of his show enjoyed incredible.

In 1976, Quentin made his debut as an actor in theater -one played removed powers of the Royal College of Art (Royal College of Art) setting Gamlet` `(` Hamlet`). Crisp played Polonius in this picture (Polonius); Ophelia (Ophelia) and Gertrude (Gertrude), by the way, performed by Helen Mirren (Helen Mirren).

In the 90 Quentin he worked primarily acting work - more and more directors offered him to play in his paintings.

Until the very last days of his life Crisp remained extremely active, absolutely independent and extremely unpredictable. Among other things, he is remembered for a number of openly aggressive statements in the address of Princess Diana (Diana, Princess of Wales).

In 1998, Quentin Crisp celebrated his 90th birthday by staging a premiere of his new show; Unfortunately, until the next birthday, Quentin did not live. Crisp died on November 21, 1999-th.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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