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EP has caused quite a stir in rock circles and led to the signing of a "EMI Records" contract of seven albums.

Group "Queensryche" was formed in Seattle (USA), Geoff Tate (vocals) Chris DeGarmo (guitar) , Michael Wilton (guitar) , Eddie Jackson (bass) and Scott Rokenfildom (drums) on the ruins of the club team "Mob" and, in the case of Tate, "Myth". Tate, who had studied earlier class opera had extraordinary vocal abilities. He went to the Hard Rock because of the freedom in the text proposed for this genre. Writing in June 1982 at home Rokenfilda demo tape with four tracks, the guys showed her record store owners Kim and Diana Harris, who had agreed to become the managers of the group. While tape circulating on the north- west of America, "Queencryche" in May 1983 recorded their debut EP, released on their own label " 206 Records".The title track from his "Queen Of The Reich" and gave its name to the group.

EP has caused quite a stir in rock circles and led to the signing of a "EMI Records" contract of seven albums. The first record was quickly reissued and got into the British Top 75. However, the sound of the band was still embryonic and stood closer to the new wave of British heavy metalThan both progress rock that will become their hallmark.

Their first LP, released on the "EMI", "The Warning", was rather disappointing, somewhat fitting top, shown on the EP. Only two songs "Road To Madness" and "Take Hold Of The Flame", permanent concert favorites, fell short of expectations.In 1986 he released the next album "Queensryche" - "Rage For Order", where guys have created a distinctive style to the fullest use of modern technology than compensated for the previous failure. However, despite the incredible vocal range and guitar Tate twin DeGarmo and Wilton, compositions sounded a bit unfinished. In 1988, with producer Peter Collins released a concept album "Operation: Mindcrime" on the works of George Orwell, which was adopted to overcome the rapid delighted critics.

Includes part of a grand futurism earlier releases and additional orchestrations by Michael Kamen ,This disc sold worldwide circulation of over one million copies and introduced the "Queensryche" in the vanguard of rock music.

Released in 19

`90, "Empire" continued the style of his predecessor. The accompanying single "Silent Lucidity" was in the top ten best American in November 1991 and was nominated for "Grammy".The album also was in the top 10 US charts. After his release in four years between "Empire" and 1994 album "Promised Land" in "Queensryche" singles out only. The most famous of these was the "Real World" 1993, containing the soundtrack to the film with Arnold Schwarzenegger "Last Action Hero".The album "Promised Land" group continued the tradition of dramatic compositions, this time without the arrangements Kamena. For more than ten-year career, which at first seemed like should be short, the popularity of "Queensryche" continued to grow.

However, "Hear In The New Frontier" disk 1997 yearthe band began experimenting with a less grandiose style that confused both the critics and drive customers. The following year, the team left DeGarmo. He was replaced by Kelly Gray and in this composition in 1999, "Queensryche" released a new album "Q2K", published in "Atlantic Records"

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