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BiographyIn 1982, Floyd Rose and Jonathan Scott Palmerton played together in the band "The Core". I must say that it was one of the few teams in the Seattle scene, who performed his music, while majority of engaged covers. "Core" were very popular band, but internal divisions led to the departure of Floyd and Jonathan. Left alone, the guys decided to organize a studio project, which was called "Q5". At the same time the musicians reasoned thus : It is better to give birth to a monumental opus than earn cheap popularity in the bars. When Rose and Palmerton composed a few songs, there was a need to record them on tape ,and this required to increase the composition of the group.

First Jonathan remembered drummer Gary Thompson, which once already played a couple of years ago. Next on the list of desired " acquisitions " was the bass guitarist Evan Schily, whose manner of performance really liked leaders "Q5". Both candidates were considered at the time as part of another Seattle band, "TKO".Jonathan Floyd went to the concert "TKO" and at the end of the show made an offer to Evan and Gary.

Q5Vo the conversation was also attended by guitarist Rick Pierce, but he has not shown much interest in the project. But bassist and drummer quickly agreed, and soon the four musicians sat in the studio "The music source" and recorded demoplenku. He directs the actions of the owner of the institution Jim Wolf. During the sessions of the guys we have become friends, and Shealy Thompson decided to leave the "TKO" and focus on "Q5". At the same time they were able to lure the company Pierce, and thus the composition was polnostyudoukomplektovan. The resulting film is presented in Administrative Court "Heart" Ken Kinnear ,and a week later he took over the "Q5".

After a series of rehearsals team composed new material and began his run- on club gigs. Rumors about the new group immediately flew to the city, and soon all of her concerts were held with full facilities. Then it`s time to prepare for this album, and the team went to Los Angeles. There, under the guidance of producer "Heart" Mike Flicker reworked demo material and added a few new things. Debut album "Steel the light" was released in 1984 on the label "Albatross records".

Q5Blagodarya powerful title track disc was supported on the radio, and some time later was licensed by other companies ,including the European "Music for nations". A series of concerts during which "Q5" played with

"Twisted sister", "Y and T" and Lita Ford. Already it planned tour, but then Thompson was in the hospital, and plans had to change. Instead of looking sessionschika touring musicians decided to start preparing material for a new album. Unfortunately, the team began to pull into the swamp of the mainstream, but instead of massive guitar attack, typical for "Steel the light", the second album had a more smoothed sound. This has raised doubts in the ranks of "Q5" and to improve the situation for the musicians come from the creation of a third album. However, when they are given to representatives of the label material, they said they wanted from the band a more commercial sound. Frustrated Palmerton immediately left the team. He tried to replace it with another vocalist ,but nothing good came of it. Following Palmerton left and Pierce, and shortly thereafter "Q5" were officially disbanded.

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