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In 1990, five guys from Long Island decided to stir up a brutal project, giving him the name "Pyrexia". I called these guys Darryl Wagner (vocals) , Chris Basil (bass) , Guy Marcheys (guitar) , Rob Shimonski (guitar) and Mike Andreiko (drums) . A few months after the formation of the team went chetyrehpesennoe demo "Liturgy of impurity". The film earned the honor in underground circles and quickly helped to "Pyrexia" gain a loyal following.

Gradually, rumors about the latter-day deathsters has spread around the world ,and after some time the band began to receive offers from European labels. His choice of musicians stopped at the Spanish company "Drowned productions", where their debut LP was released in 1993, "Sermon of Mockery".

This album was all that was needed for the genre of death metal : coarse primitiveness, brutality and complexity of musical passages. The album earned good reviews lovers of gravity, and the team took the time to travel across North America in an effort to convey to the audience the live energy, which until then was in full swing in the studio.

PyrexiaKstati, at this point Shimonski left the band and was replaced by Tony Karavalla. But if this change could easily survive ,then in 1994, the team received a severe blow when the departure of Wagner said. Darryl was much older than his colleagues, and it seemed to him that it is time to engage with the music business. Depressed by the loss of frontman, retired and Karavalla who did not believe that "Pyrexia" can survive without Wagner. However, the rest of the band is not got cold feet and continued to cut demos.

During rehearsals and he showed a new vocalist, Keith DeVito. This type has a wider range than Darryl, and his vocals sound more aggressive. Oddly enough, but the new formula was successful, and the EP "Hatred, anger & disgust" was greeted with enthusiasm. A second guitarist on this release was registered Phil Selfridge.

PyrexiaSlomav templates death genre, "Pyrexia" was ready to record the second full-length album, when he again lost a vocalist. The fact that DeVito was invited instead of Frank Mullen in "Suffocation" on the European tour, and Kate decided not to miss this opportunity.After the tour, he returned to the team, but by that time the whole mess with vocalists Guy Marcheysu tired, and he rolled in the "Internal bleeding". Chris switched from bass to guitar, and a new rhythm section made Ryan Harrison (bass) and Rob Maresca (drums) . This composition released the album "System of the animal",but soon the project was again dilapidated.

Kate went to "Obituary", and later with Trevor Peres and the remnants of " Pyrex " muddied " Catastrophic " project. Basil did not spend long in the ranks of the group and returned to the name "Pyrexia", gaining a full set of new recruits. In addition, Chris founded his own label "Rex-Records" and ,signing a distribution contract with "Crash music", in 2004 released the album "Cruelty beyond submission" and his team.

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