Pyatras Vileyshis

Picture of Pyatras Vileyshis

Citizenship: Lithuania


Born into a peasant family. C in 1861 was in Panevezys. He graduated from high school with a gold medal (1870) and entered the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University, graduating candidate (1874). In 1880 he graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Communications and joined the Board of the Moscow District Railway. In 1883 he was sent to Belgium to familiarize themselves with the latest technology of construction of railway bridges.

On his return he worked specialist on caissons, then established a private construction company. He earned substantial sums in the construction of railway bridges. In 1890 he settled in Vilna. Established here mechanical workshops farm tools (1900), a printing house for the publication of Lithuanian books (1904), Lithuanian books store (operated until 1913). In December 1904 he began publishing the first legal Lithuanian newspaper "Vilniaus zinios" ( "Wilensky conduct