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Birthday : 3/12/1965, the

Age: 51 year

Place of birth : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Michael Geyer

Original name: Michael Geier

Sad clown with a golden voice

Can anyone say with certainty - the sad clown or funny ? Perhaps even coloring fun, colorful outfits and eternal jokes easily discern the universal sadness, which seemsIt is a common attribute of each clown. The basis of the image Puddles Pity Party and went to this sadness, and instead of the usual clown jokes and ideas that 7 -foot clown sings - and one of his voice, complete with such an unusual way, running goosebumps. But it began a career of this clown ? Whether he plays in the circus ? And they say the musicians, whose songs he Quail ?

Puddles Pity Party - American musician and a clown that gets the best known on the Internet, when in the top of several entertainment sites got his video with a cover version of the song `Royals` by Lorde.Today Puddles Pity Party is the star of the Internet, and continues to give recitals and perform thematic rooms. Surprisingly, it combines charisma and sadness, and a clown suit and its dimensions - it has, after all, about 2 meters tall ! - The cover turns ordinary into something completely new. Despite the successes, Puddles Pity Party reluctant ragovarivaet with journalists, preferring to remain in the shadows, keeping their melancholy and mystery of the image, which is its main ridge. American journalists dubbed him ` sad clown with a golden golosom`.

Imagine a big man ,singing the famous `Hallelujah` Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen) - and now imagine that instead of a big man on the stage is a great clown. The effect varies incredibly ! Not only is Puddles Pity Party boasts incredibly strong and deep voice and an inexhaustible supply of charisma, his trump card - it is spectacular,For up negovryad if someone came to mind the image of a happy clown combined with a dramatic character. The greatest popularity it received through a cover of the song `Royals` by Lorde, which was recorded in conjunction with the ` Postmodern Jukebox`: in a small studio apartment, this six-foot clown managed to transform the way the song ,that in just a few hours of views exceeded several million. The very ella, known under the pseudonym Lorde, whose songs perepeval Puddles Pity Party, called his version of ` favorite in Internete`. A few months later a clown delighted the fans one more song - ` Teamot already familiar Lorde. Video Internet exploded again. Image Puddles Pity Party continues to be a mystery - but it is so is a clown, just instead of insincere smiles and not very funny jokes, he decided to take a completely different thing - to sing sad songs about love and suffer.

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Puddles Pity Party picture
Puddles Pity Party photo
Puddles Pity Party image
Puddles Pity Party pic
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Puddles Pity Party picture
Puddles Pity Party picture
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