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The history of this "Psychotic waltz" began in the mid- 80s ,when five guys from the California town of San Diego founded the group "Aslan". They called these guys Buddy Lackey (vocals) , Brian McAlpine (guitar) , Dan Rock (guitar) , Ward Evans (bass) and Norm Leddzhio (drums) .

In 1986, the team recorded a three-song demo, with which established itself as the best heavy San Diego team.After a while the boys discovered that the name "Aslan" is already used by other musicians, so we had to think about a new name.

He rescued a friend who had called the music produced by the group, " a psychotic waltz. " Expression of all really enjoyed it and the staff immediately changed its name to "Psychotic waltz".In 1988, under this brand second demo came out, sounded much heavier than "Aslan", and the song structures were very unconventional.

Psychotic waltzPlenku noted his attention some magazines, and musicians took up the preparation of their debut album. Sessions financed by income from local concerts and merchandising, lasted from 1989-to 1990 - th year, and for the publication of the disc took a small German label "Rising Sun Records". The unique sound of "Psychotic waltz", called by someone " progressive hippie metal " had to taste European audience. Many magazines, including "Rock Hard" and "Metal Hammer" was called "A social grace" album of the month. Continuation followed in 1992 ,when I started recording a second LP, "Into the everflow".

Sessions were held in Germany, where at that time the band rented an old millennial castle. The release of the album took place at the German label "Dream circle". After the release of "Psychotic waltz" staged a small Eurotrip ,during which two members of the group had to play sitting (Dan before it fell from the bridge, and Brian suffered in an accident) .

Psychotic waltzTretyu team record recorded in the well-known Los Angeles-based studio "Record Plant", and watch over the process of the legendary metal producer Scott Burns. Mixing was happening in the Florida studio "Morrisound". As part odnazamena occurred and the place of bass player now takes Phil Kattino. Despite the fact that the "Mosquito" as well as previous work was released on a small label (in this case "Zardoz music"), it was for "Psychotic waltz" the most commercially successful album. However,it was not too surprising since the material is presented in "Mosquito" was not as complex as before.

The latter group`s work was published in 1996 on the label "Intercord records". Recorded in San Diego, "Bleeding" absorbed gloom "Everflow", the severity of "Social grace" and grooves "Mosquito". The audience and critics took release very warm ,and many called him the album of the month. The plate is now happy to listen, not only in Europe but also in America. However, after two rounds of "Psychotic waltz" curtailed their activities, and team members dispersed to other projects. Lacy went to the "Dead soul tribe", Rock - in "Darkstar", and Leddzhio - in the "Teabag".

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