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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl (Dave Grohl), unveiled its new heavy metal side project Probot, compared it with the music of Carlos Santana "Supernatural" work.

Recall, the group, in addition to Grohl ,entered Zwan guitarist Matt Sweeney (Matt Sweeney) and Foo Fighters producer Adam Kasper (Adam Kasper). Also on the album helped them numerous ` metal ` vocalists from Lemmy from Motorhead to Lee Dorrian from Napalm Death.

" Our music is like a work of Santana, in the sense that it really starts, but after hearing it, you will be surprised- Not what you might expect, - says the band`s frontman. - I think that very few will be able to truly appreciate this music. But I do not see anything wrong with the purpose to earn money with this music, I did not set myself. "

Probot project was started three years ago ,and all this time the musicians were unhurried preparation for release of their debut album. Just recently it was announced that the release will take place in early August. Among the singers who took part in its recording - Tom Araya (Tom Araya) out of Slayer, Thomas Gabriel Warrior (Thomas Gabriel Warrior) from Celtic Frost, Cronos from the Venom ,Mike Dean (Mike Dean) of Corrosion of Conformity, and Snake from Voivod.

As for such a wide variety of voices on the disk Grohl said: `` As we have already recorded some of the material, each one threw me the idea to invite for the execution of each track for a new vocalist. I thought it would be great ,and he chose his favorite "metal" singers who were at the peak of fame in 1983-89 gg``.

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