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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Citizenship : United States


This aggressive New York team in 1991, founded by Gary Meskill. Prior to that, Gary headed for several years quite popular hardcoregroup "Crumbsuckers" and released her three pretty good album.

In the first part of "Pro-Pain" except Meskilla included drummer Dan Richardson and guitarist Tom Klimchuk. On the role of frontman Billy Milano would like to call ("S.O.D.", "M.O.D."), but with this came a bummer and vocal duties assumed Meskill. In addition, he was the author of most of the songs of the group. By signing a contract with "Spitfire records" in 1992. "Pro-pain" debuted with the album "Foul Taste of Freedom".

Then it took strenuous tour, during which the band played more than 300 concerts. Somewhere in this period began the changes in the composition - Klimchuk took place Saint NickDenis, but other than that the team had a second guitarist, former member of "Possessed" Mike Hallman.

Pro- PainVtoraya record, "The Truth Hurts", has turned tougher and more extreme, although it was not possible until the end of the impurities get rid rapcore (on the track "Put The Lights Out" was visiting the famous rapper Ice-T) . At the time of the sessions of the third section of the disc guitar again undergone changes - in "Pro-Pain" Klimchuk came back, and came together with him and Rob Moshetti of "M.O.D.". Sound continued gradually metallic, but only the text remained unchanged. Their subjects are, as always, was devoted to sharp social problems - violence, crime ,corruption, poverty and other "charms " of modern society.

The following year, the market entered the album, entitled simply "Pro-Pain". During this time the team has managed only one replacement drummer. New member of the group was Dave Chavarri, drums at the same time in Milano "M.O.D.".

Pro-Pain in 1998, was a collection of the best things "Best of Pro-Pain",and the following year the team has pleased fans another killer album "Act of God". The composition once again altered - second guitar is now held by Eric Klinger, and the drummer sat Eric Matthews. Replaced label and the group - this time for the dissemination of the plate took "Nuclear blast".And another change occurred in group habitats - from New York musicians moved to Florida (Sarasota) . Stable only style remains "Pro-pain". "Act of god" contained branded militants, such as "Stand Tall", "I Remain", "Pride" and "Burn". His line " propeynovtsy " remained faithful and in subsequent releases, "Round 6 " and "Shreds of Dignity".

During the ten years of its existence, aggressive hardcore band released seven studio albums, sold a total circulation of over 600,000 copies, has played more than three thousand concerts and collected a considerable army of fans in America and Europe.

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