Pretty Girls Make Graves

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Place of birth : Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States


Progress is obvious: if you believe the name of the group, the pretty girls all its advantages and added more such socially useful work, like digging graves !

Is not it lovely? Much nicer to go to the grave, dug young beautiful than the old hunchbacked old man ,which we are used to represent in this role ! If you pay attention also to the work of Pretty Girls Make Graves (PGMG), it turns out that the girl (though relatively cuteness directly participating group opinions may vary) in addition mastered much more complicated task - the creation of good music !Some members of the group were familiar PGMG long before the establishment of the work in other bands, including The Hookers, the Death Wish Kids, Area 51, and finally, the most famous of them - Murder City Devils. The intense, sometimes as if appealing to the listener, in some places - touching female vocals by Andrea Zollo -card of the group. Occasionally help her in the difficult vocal fraction drummer Nick Dewitt and bassist Derek Fudesko. True, very very rarely, and usually desperate cries somewhere " in depth " overall noise. As for the music sound component, its roots should be sought in the early of Fugazi ,and partly Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill: here you and iridescent melancholy, atmospheric guitar, and they are the same, but for rock and roll buzzing ; small and dirty bass solo ; and clearly indicating its presence drums ; and, finally, just a little electronic noise - in the court of the 21st century, in kontse-all! With the release of their third studio album this year, and even more positive responses to it, leaving " charming mogilschits " on the music rest in a short time can not be expected !

So let us drink to the fact that all the "pretty girls" were so talented!

Albums :

2000 - Pretty Girls Make Graves EPtrack list:

01-3 Away

02-Modern Day Emma Goldman

03 -Liquid Courage

04 -Head South

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