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Year of birth : 1963Age : 52 year

Place of Birth : New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Citizenship : United States

The preachers of the New Orleans Jazz

Group Preservation Hall Jazz Band is known as a performer of traditional New Orleans jazz. His name is obliged to a jazz band music center `Preservation Hall` in the French Quarter of New Orleans (New Orleans),where staff and advocates.

Jazz band gives more than 150 concerts a year. Stereo `Preservation Hall` was closed during the fall and winter of 2005, due to Hurricane Katrina. The building did not work until the spring of 2006, which did not prevent a group tour.

The popularity of the New Orleans Jazz eased in the early 1960s ,and many musicians remained without work. However, a few connoisseurs of jazz in this period continued to manifest the same musical style that once emerged in New Orleans. Allan and Sandra Jaffe in 1961 transformed the building in the French Quarter in stereo `Preservation Hall`, where jazz musicians began to act in the evening ,including George Lewis (George Lewis) and Emma Barrett (`Sweet` Emma Barrett).

During the formation of the center of New Orleans acted Jim Crow laws (Jim Crow), laws on racial segregation. `Preservation Hall` remained one of the few places in the city welcomed and white, and black musicians.Evening jazz concerts attracted press from the base audio centers. As time went on, and Alan realized the importance of touring. For example, in 1963 a group of Preservation Hall Jazz Band was formed, which, in fact, consisted of participants of Kid Thomas Band commands. The first performances took place in the Midwest, including the theater `Guthrie`,where he subsequently did a jazz band record.

The first tour gradually grew in the second - Japan (Japan), in 1964. In the same year, the band Preservation Hall Jazz Band recorded their first album ` zhivoy` called ` Sweet Emma and Her Preservation Hall Jazz Band`.Later, Paul Barbarino (Paul Barbarin) and his guys become permanently act `Preservation Hall`, along with Lester Santiago, John Bruniosom and others.

In 1970 health problems forced Emma Barrett abandon the tour. Her place was taken by the brothers Willie and Percy Humphrey. In addition, there have been significant changes in composition. In 1997-m musicians Allan Jaffe from `Preservation Hall` teamed with Arthur Hall (Arthur Hall) and his team to release a dance musical ` Fat Tuesday and All That Jazz! A Mardi Gras Dance Musical`. Premiere 19 February 1977, followed by followed by a tour around the United States.

Allan Jaffe died of cancer in 1987,And eventually he took the baton to his son Benjamin. Ben Jaffe became director of audio centers `Preservation Hall` manager and Preservation Hall Jazz Band, after in 1993, he graduated from Oberlin College. The new leader also toured with the wards, was responsible for the double bass and tuba. Inter alia,Ben gradually instilled educational initiatives developed by his father.

In the 2000s a team Preservation Hall Jazz Band continued to perform at national and international level, as well as in the center of New Orleans `Preservation Hall`. During this period, the team leader remained trumpeter Wendell Brunios, which was later succeeded by his brother,John Brunios.

November 9, 2006 the first jazz band was awarded the National Medal of Arts, which was awarded to Creative Director Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Benjamin Jaffe and co-founder of the group, Sandra Jaffe, in the Oval Office of the hands of George (George W. Bush) and Laura Bush (Laura Bush).

Approaching the celebration of its 45th anniversary since its foundation ,Team Preservation Hall Jazz Band began to seek cooperation with artists working in various genres and explore new artistic discipline. For example, had established contacts with the gospel group The Blind Boys of Alabama, has received ` Gremmi` for the album ` Down in New Orleans`, several tracks from which jazzBand Preservation Hall Jazz Band had a hand.

During the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Jubilee tour was supported by the New Orleans interactive theater and musical theater group The New Orleans Bingo!

In 2010, jazz band presented the release of `Preservation: An Album to Benefit the Preservation Hall Music Outreach Program`.This unique album in the recording of each track was attended by guest musicians, including Tom Waits (Tom Waits), Andrew Bird (Andrew Bird), Pete Seeger (Pete Seeger), Jim James (Jim James) and many others. The concert tour in support of the album as the opening act performed rock band My Morning Jacket.Later the plate was presented `American Legacies`, the result of cooperation Preservation Hall Jazz Band with bluegrass band Del McCoury Band. Creative tandem was able to show that the two musical styles of Native Americans, the traditional New Orleans jazz and bluegrass, can coexist in harmony. Both groups toured the United States.

In the same period, a common language with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band found a dance company Trey McIntyre Project, and the joint efforts of two dance projects were created, `Ma Maison` and ` The Sweeter End`, recognized acquaint the viewer with the music of New Orleans. Team toured nationally, including those made in Hollywood Bowl and Lincoln Center.

His golden jubilee celebrated jazz band from 2011 to 2012 - th. In honor of the past, present and future Preservation Hall Jazz Band was realized several projects at once. The culmination of the celebration was the performance at the sold-out concert at Carnegie Hall.

In 2013, the band Preservation Hall Jazz Band appeared on the talk show `Late Night with Jimmy Fallon` (` Late Night with Jimmy Fellonom`) to help promote your new album `That`s It!`.

At the annual festival of music and arts `Coachella` in 2014 jazzBand is honored to close the event - and performed the song `Wake Up with Arcade Fire`. In the same year the team Preservation Hall Jazz Band took part in the recording of the eighth studio album Foo Fighters, `Sonic Highways`.

As of 2014, the second, in the Preservation Hall Jazz Band were : Ben Jaffe, Mark Braud (Mark Braud),Charlie Gabriel, Ronell Johnson, Joe Lusty - ml., Freddy Lonzo (Freddie Lonzo), Clint Mendzhen and Rickie Monie.

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