Pranas Brazinskas

Picture of Pranas Brazinskas

Age: 78

Place of birth: Trakai

The tragedy in three decades, length

Business Soviet-style

The perpetrators of the tragic incident were father and son Brazinskas. Pranas Brazinskas Stas, a native of the Trakai district (1924), expounded his biography is always different. Sometimes he told me that his father was shot dead `Forest Brothers`, sometimes - that he actively participated in the Lithuanian nationalist movement. Document found that Pranas Brazinskas in charge of the cooperative, in 1955, was convicted of financial fraud a year, and in 1965, as a store manager, received 5 years for theft. In 1955, he was born the son of Algirdas, and then during a brief second marriage took his wife`s surname - Koreyvo. The main occupation was Brazinskas resale in Central Asia scarce goods from the Baltic states. In this way he has collected about 6000 dollars, he bought weapons and began to plan how to get to the residence abroad. After 20 years in the actions Brazinskas (except for illegal acquisition of weapons) have not seen to much crime, but for the time spec and purchase of currency were punished severely and legal attempts to travel abroad did not exist.

flight planned brief

on board the AN-24 on October 15 in the Batumi airport boarded 46 passengers, including 17 women and four-year girl. Flight to Sukhumi usually lasted half an hour. Five minutes after take-off from the front seat he stood uniformed Brazinskas and summoned the flight attendant Hope Kurchenko, ordered her to convey to pilots the envelope with a note. Quite confused typescript entitled `` Order number 9 and signed by the `` General Krylov, threatened with death for failure to comply with the order to fly on a given route. The stewardess was blocked by the terrorist path in the cabin, a shot rang out. Brazinskas Sr. fired a gun (according to some sources, from the cut), and threatened to hand grenade, were false. He wounded commander George Chahrakiyu, chief engineer Hovhannes Babayan and the second navigator Valery Fadeev. Algirdas pulled out from under the cloak gun and started shooting at the passengers through the cabin bulkhead. Pilots threw the aircraft in hand, trying to knock down the criminals fed SOS signal, but the border was very close. The plane headed for Trabzon and requested emergency landing. The Turkish side is disarmed Brazinskas, assisted the wounded and wishing to be offered in Turkey, no one agreed. The crew, passengers and the dead Hope Kurchenko sent home by special plane, and later ferried the injured AN-24.

Strange Justice

The Turkish authorities refused to extradite the hijackers. Pranas Brazinskas was sentenced to 8 years in prison and a juvenile Algirdas - to two. Such a light sentence was motivated by no assurance that the main perpetrators of the shooting were two aboard the plane guard in civilian clothes. Two years later, the criminals have come under a general amnesty, and were settled in a villa (according to the Soviet media) or in a camp for displaced persons, in which an attempt was made special operation to eliminate them (the Turkish version of the hand). Having escaped from there, Brazinskas asked for political asylum in the US Embassy, ??and after giving flew to Venezuela and from there - to Canada. During the landing in New York, they have remained in the United States and with the support of the Lithuanian diaspora settled in Santa Monica, taking the names of Frank and Albert White.

Father and son were living in poverty, earning Painting work. Neighbors complained about the aggressive nature of Wight Senior. In February 2002, he began to threaten his son arms in response to the death beat him with a baseball bat. The court sentenced Algirdas Brazinskas (Albert White) to 20 years in prison. It has come to an end in the final of the tragedy more than 30 years ago in a plane flying over the Black Sea.