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Date of Birth: 05/19/1966

Age: 50

Place of birth: Warrington

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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Polly Walker was born on May 19, 1966 in Warrington, Lancashire, England (Warrington, Lancashire, England). Her first school was the elementary school Silverdale (Silverdale Preparatory School) in the west of London (London). At age 16, Walker graduated from Ballet Rambert School (Ballet Rambert School) in Tuikneme (Twickenham), and began her career as a dancer, but was forced to leave after ballet leg injury in 18 years. Then she decided to change direction and become an actress. After graduating from drama school in London Drama Centre London Polly entered the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company), where about six months playing small roles until 1989 does not proceeded to small roles in television, appearing in the television series `Storyboard` and` Rules of Engagement `.

The following year, Polly took the lead role in the TV movie `Lorna Doone` (Lorna Doone), another film adaptation of the eponymous romantic novel by Richard Dodridzha Blackmore (Richard Doddridge Blackmore), where its partners are Sean Bean (Sean Bean) and Clive Owen (Clive Owen) . Then she played one of the major female roles in the artistic drama `Kabuto` (Kabuto, 1991). At the same time, Walker appeared in `Puaro` (Agatha Christie`s Poirot), the French romantic drama` Ekvilibristy` (Les & # 233; quilibristes, 1992) and the movie `Witching aprel` (Enchanted April), nominated for `Oscar` (Oscar Award), which played the role of Polly aristocrat Caroline Dester (Caroline Dester), which seeks to avoid the attention of her persistent admirers.

Walker first achieved international recognition in 1992, playing an Englishwoman, an Irish member of the terrorist group in the thriller Phillip Noyce (Phillip Noyce) `Games patriotov` (Patriot Games) with Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford) in the title role. Then she played in the thriller `process (The Trial, 1993), a romantic thriller `Sliver` (Sliver, 1993), ostinovskoy adaptation of` Emma `(Emma, ??1996), the adventure film` Robinson Crusoe `(Robinson Crusoe, 1997), thriller `Wild Messiya` (Savage Messiah, 2002), the crime drama` eyes ubiytsy` (After alice, 2000) and many others. In 2003, she got a leading role in the BBC drama series `Most igra` (State of Play).

In 2005-2007, Walker played Atia in two seasons of the series` historical Rim` HBO / BBC2 television channel. Her work brought the actress in 2005 a nomination for `Golden globus` (Golden Globe). She then played a sinister Katherine Braithwaite (Catherine Braithwaite) in two episodes of procedural drama `Deus Ex Machina`, which aired in January 2007. In May 2007, Walker appeared in the role of Lady Bess Sedgwick (Bess Sedgwick) in an episode of `` Hotel Bertram`` (At Bertram`s Hotel) series` Miss Marple Agatha Kristi` (Agatha Christie`s Marple), and then played the `sugar `heiress Alice Samuels (Ellis Samuels) in the series` Plantatsiya` (Cane), which premiered on September 25, 2007.

In May 2008, Walker became sister Clarice Willow (Clarice Willow), the headmistress of a private religious school, in fiction series `Kaprika` (Caprica), the prequel series` Battlestar Galaktika` (Battlestar Galactica). In 2011, as a guest star she appeared in the TV series `Ubezhische` (Sanctuary) and` Yasnovidets` (Psych), played in the BBC mini-series `Prisoners Wives` and starred as Sarkodzhi (Sarkoja) in a fantastic action adventure` John Carter `(John Carter).

Polly grew up with two sisters and a brother. Her father ran a hotel, and his mother worked as a schoolteacher. Currently, the actress lives in the United States (United States). From a previous relationship she has two children, a son Giorgio (Giorgio), begetteth in 1994, and daughter Delilah (Delilah), born in 2000. October 23, 2008 Walker married a British television actor Laurence Penry-Jones (Laurence Penry-Jones).

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