Polina Sidihina

Picture of Polina Sidihina

Date of Birth: 10/26/1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Acting daughter

Sidikhin Pauline was born October 26, 1988 in St. Petersburg in the family of a famous actor Eugene Sidikhin. Like most actors` children, she spent a lot of time behind the scenes of the theater. Being very young, Pauline made her debut on the stage of the BDT. "I got the role of an angel, no words. I was, you know, so small, thin and ugly. But what I had costumes! One dress in white bows, the other - in the balls! "- Recalls the Pauline E..

Is Pauline dreamed as a child to become an actress? Correct to say that she could not imagine myself in any other profession. I do not doubt it and the surrounding. Already in the 13-14 years old Polina Sidikhin starred in the movie. They were tiny roles: daughter of the famous bandit Longboat "Antikiller", the episode in one of the series` Gangster Petersburg - 3 ". But the first experience before the camera was received.

Study. Movies

After school, Pauline Sidikhin entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts, in the studio GM Kozlov. As a student, she starred in the TV series "Foundry, 4" (Pauline) and "GAI" (daughter of Peter Vikentievich), as well as Italian director Giovanni Veronesi comedy "The Italians". The main roles in the film performed by Sergio Kastellitto and Ksenia Rappoport and Pauline went to the modest role of translator Natalya Puchkova. It is noteworthy that the actress to play the role in English.

The first major role Porliny Sidikhin became Alena Okuneva in the series "Red" was released in theaters in 2008. The actress admits: "Between me and my character is very little in common. I am a completely different person. At first it seemed to me that Alain will be easy to play, it was not, therefore, at the beginning of the filming was difficult. In the first series, when I chased Sergei, do not let him - had perebaryvat themselves. And I was terribly ashamed, I thought, what people think! Spectators often identified because the actors with their role and think that this actor, how they see the role. But as for the relationship with his father, taking care of little brother - it`s close to me, like Alain, but overall we are very different. "


Excelled in the "Red" series, Pauline Sidikhin undertook theatrical career. The actress admits: "Once upon a time, before entering the academy, I was sure that I wanted to act only in the movies, the theater - it`s not for me. But as soon as I got to the stage ... I have no words to express my feelings. Now I understand what it means dependence on the theater. It is neither an incomparable pleasure. Especially when all the work ... "

"On Moss" his first theatrical work Polina Sidikhin carried out on the stage of the Training Theatre. These are: Anfisa in "Dreams of Love", directed by Elena in "Midsummer Night`s Dream," Aglaia Yepanchin in "A few days in the life of Prince Myshkin," Jack in the play "Two nights in a fun house." In addition, the young actress played brilliantly gonna play in the theater "Baltic House" "Scarlet Sails", which carried out the staging director Raimundas Banionis - son of the famous Donatas Banionis.

Still ahead

In 2010, Pauline Sidikhin graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts. In the same year on the screens out 16 serial spy film "Last meeting", in which she played a major role - Face Baryshev. The next step - a new work in film and on stage. There is no doubt that a great future awaits the actress.


2001 Gangster Petersburg - 3 (The collapse of antibiotics) - series

2002 Antikiller

2004 MUR is MUR - series

2008 Foundry, 4 (2nd season) - TV series

GAI 2008 (Russia-Ukraine) - series

2008-2009 Red - series

2009 Foundry, 4 (3rd season) - TV series

2009 Italians / Italians (Italy)

2010 Last meeting

2011 Nuremberg. counterplay

Author: Igor BIN

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