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Date of birth: 01.08.1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Polina Kutepov back to childhood

Author: Marina Seltzer

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If the family compared with the ship, the distribution of roles I - anchor and Eugene - sails. He`s always a lot of ideas, crazy plans, and he was always somewhere flies. Without Jenny, I have always lain at the bottom, and if it were not for me, you Eugene all the time would be flying in the sky.

- Pauline, your Nadenka is now three years. And this is the most interesting and difficult age ...

- She has 3 years and 4 months. Indeed, this is a difficult age, because up to two years, you know all that is happening with your child. Do you follow its development: see how he first begins to know you, then - to say "mama" and then - walk, etc. But a little later the child becomes a mystery to you... If before I could explain exactly why Nadya says certain words, why it behaves that way, but now sometimes I can not do it. It has already formed as a person and to show independence. I`m trying to understand it, and if I can not, it is very upset - so there is something "closed", there is something unattainable for me.

- But you think it increases the open girl?

- I do not mean that it becomes secretive. It is, I think, a very open girl, incredibly loves to communicate, sociable. It`s just a natural process that a child as young as three years of its life there.

- She already sets the tricky questions? There were those that put you in a dead end?

- It is now generally such howcast. Something I try to explain to her. There were questions from the series "How children are born?", Is still something of the sort. I did not tell her that she was in the cabbage. I tell that my mother had a big belly, where she lived, and then it got out of the stomach. One day, she asked: "And where I was, when not yet born?" That`s the point I was at an impasse. But I do not try to go into medical terms and not try to explain everything "really the truth," but I try to - close to the truth, in accessible language to her. I think I`ve said that before the birth she was still in the sky, and then came to me.

- She believes in everything that you say?

- Yeah!

- She listens to you? And who is more authority for it?

- Differently. But I think that she listens to me more than others. Perhaps due to the fact that I talk a lot with her, and she trusts me more. Pope in her "came" only in the last year. Up to two years, she did not take it at all, and only recognized me. And it`s very clear. And now he won her confidence and retook the position.

- With what?

- The fact that it plays a lot and with passion. Busy even when I already have neither the physical strength nor the desire: to fight, to run, to think of something. And he was happy with her doing all this. She loves to play with him.

- As Nadia takes your departures on tour or do you take it with you?

- No. Only shortly after birth, somewhere in the three months, I took her to the Avignon Festival, but we went with my mother. I was fed and could not leave Nadia. And I do not receive, because basically on tour are not the conditions to normal to feel a little daughter. Before, when I was leaving, or even just left for work, it is this very sensitive about. And now she understands and calmly accepts.

- And how are you able to go on stage when Nadenka was only two months?

- Eugene (Pauline`s husband - the director E. Kamenkovich, her former teacher) helps me a lot. Moreover - he inspired me. And he said: "You can." I myself was surprised he could do almost anything. We took turns sitting with her daughter. And my mom helps me a lot. In fact, I almost did not leave the scene because of them.

- Tell me, after the birth of Nadenka you have not changed priorities in life?

- In my life there was something that could be even more valuable than the theater. One helps the other, although in the beginning there were many problems. We had one like "let go" for some time. And it gave me a hard time. I remember, for example, was at home, opened a newspaper, watching television and learned about new productions, movie premieres. I panicked because I was not there, and in the near future will not be the feeling that sweeps in front of me the last car, in which I did not have time to jump in and inevitably lag behind. Suddenly my shoulder, tearing a newspaper and television shading, studded with Nadya. And in a strange way everything changed, disappeared unpleasant thoughts, and most importantly - it seemed that I was far ahead of all.

- And your childhood you remember well?

- Unfortunately, the bad. But suddenly now many episodes somehow become me to remember. Nadya me back my childhood. I`m surprised to remember that my sister and I were so shy and closed that address with some question became a torture to a stranger. But as sometimes still I had to ask what time it is, how much it`s worth, we have established the order among themselves, who will do it, and strictly abide by it.

- Ksenia (twin sister, also an actress, "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop") told me that there was such a tomboy, she loved to play with the boys, not dolls ... And what was you?

- These were and dolls, and boys` games, too. Despite the fact that we have three sisters, the Pope`s influence was very strong. He is an engineer-astrophysicist. And so we grew up athletic, a little mischievous were. Both fights took place - in short, everything like everyone else. Male, masculine education made itself felt: always able to fend for themselves.

- How do you bring up the intellectual and spiritual Nadyushka?

- Cartoons show, but only our. I buy old cartoons. We have a really good animation. We had read the book. She loves to listen. Now we read "The Wizard of Oz." It turned out that I myself as a child this book did not read, she walked past me. And now I read with great interest to her, together with her daughter. She is so fond of this activity that can listen for hours, and when I stop and say: "All go to sleep" - it is often played out scandal.

- You already took her to the theater?

- She came a couple of times, though not to the show. But I do not want to try and keep her out of the theater. I do not want to mix it with my work life. It is enough that we have and so theatrical family: my mother - the actress, the pope - the director. I want to until it got to the theater as little as possible. I do not know why, but I have a prejudice.

- And who is your actor-director`s family home director?

- If a family compared with the ship, the distribution of roles I - anchor and Eugene - sails. He`s always a lot of ideas, crazy plans, and he was always somewhere flies. Without Jenny, I have always lain at the bottom, and if it were not for me, you Eugene all the time would be flying in the sky. It turns out that together we keep afloat.

- You do not have different views on the education of daughters?

- Costs. I`m very contemplative attitude to Nadya. And not Dowle over it. This does not mean that I allow her more. I just try not to correct her emotionally. I did not send it to the game, do not impose systems, what to do, how to do better. I am not limited to it. I think it`s important. I try not to put it no framework. I do not mean that she can be on my head to jump, no. This is to ensure that she had no inhibitions, complexes. I try to make her inner world was formed and developed naturally. And Jack, in view of the fact that he is a director, often tries to direct it. Directing the game, something to lead. It is, of course, gladly obeys, penetrates and goes after him.

- Relaxing with you or without Nadyushka it?

- And so and so. This year I was for the first time with Eugene in Switzerland without (Eugene worked there). And I felt like a traitor towards Nadya. I realized that I was not right, not taking her with him. I was worried, because there are so everything has to families with children, so everything is done for a man ... When I saw the children in the swimming pool, children`s playgrounds in the chic, there are every five steps, I understand that I`m just a criminal.

- For many women, proven means to set the mood - cosmetics, new outfits. And you`re not beautiful in life ...

- It is connected with the profession. Many scenes of the actress is not painted from a purely practical purpose - to face rested. I hope and without paint look good. Any make-up - it`s a kind of mask. I want to go, be herself in life without a mask.

- You`re married for several years. During this time, your views on men have not changed? You are important to them, the same quality?

- My views have not changed. I believe that man is the most important and most attractive to me - it is the mind, courage, sense of humor and believe. And what else? The rest is nothing there. All other character flaws digestible.

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