Pobisk Kuznetsov

Picture of Pobisk Kuznetsov

Date of Birth: 05/18/1924

Age: 76

Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk

Citizenship: Russia


Name - Pobisk given to him by his father, who was his first mentor in science, stands for "generation fighters and builders of communism."

After graduating from the pre-war naval special school, he did not get to the front age. Entered in the tank school, was the commander of reconnaissance. Rzhev melee personally stabbed with a bayonet a German, was seriously wounded. After the war, for the creation of political-philosophical circle was sentenced for "terrorism" for ten years in the camps. And his camp and "sharaga" from start to finish, matching the conclusion of a scientific work.

Pobisk Kuznetsov, known as one of the founders of the alternative physical monetarist approach to economic systems (physical economy). His disciples overseas associate of Lyndon LaRouche (with whom he was personally acquainted) formed the economic program of the US president.

Research interests Pobiska Kuznetsova were comprehensive. He was a true polymath, not just familiar with the different areas of knowledge, and in these areas dobivshegosya outstanding results.

In an official document - "Characteristics of the scientific significance of the work Kuznetsova Pobiska G.", signed in 1975, three Academy of Sciences of the USSR: V. Glushkov, Semenikhin and V. Afanasyev, literally written the following: "P. Kuznetsov has the ability to use, often very distant in solving complex scientific problems in some areas of knowledge of other sciences unit. It is difficult to immediate and widespread perception, recognition and implementation of his ideas, but it also is a valuable scientific research, because it is such a broad synthesis contributes to pave new paths in science. "

The closed nature of the work P. Kuznetsova (even his biography was never published in the Soviet period) and the dispersion of its scientific heritage in hundreds of different works and manuscripts have led to the fact that he was still in his lifetime became a legend.


In the evolution of inanimate nature, preceding the emergence of life, dominated by the processes of reducing the free energy that has taken the form of the second law of thermodynamics. In the evolution of wildlife dominate the processes that lead to an increase in free energy. (...) Thus, life can be considered a process against entropy.

I ask the question: "Was there a single communist in the Soviet Union?" Nothing, huh? It turns out that the word `as craft "should have been translated as" power "and it is the full text of the translation of Marx`s" Capital "is translated as" strength ". A person can read three times "Capital" from cover to cover and never understand, about what there is a speech.

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