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"One for all and all for one". " We want our concerts after people went to God in his heart ," Natalie Cole.

"One for all and all for one". "We want,that after our concerts people left with God in your heart, " Natalie Cole " One day I was asked to sign the prosthesis, I was shocked ! " Gabe Cambs Group Plus One was collected in 1999 in San Francisco as a Christian response to the works of N `Sync and the Backstreet boys. Future members of the group were selected in the competition ,who conducted the church " Assembly of God ", seeking talented performers among Christians. Sampling was carried out according to a standard pattern: the candidate must have a voice, plastics and good external data. As a result, five people were selected, three of whom were children of pastors. All five until the grouping were unfamiliar with each other, because the profit for the competition from all over the United States. At the conclusion of the selection of the guys we went to Los Angeles, where he started to record the raw material for their debut album, and then sent to a group of newly made music in Nashville. The youngest in the group was then a 17 -year-old Jason Perry and Elder teams, rightly, considered the 22 - hletny Nathan Walters. Producing group was engaged by David Foster with Atlantic records, which was already a winner of 14 Grammy Awards, has released many albums of mega - popular artists, including Celine Dion, Toni Braxton ,Faith Hill and others. Foster helped many other co-producers, including Eric White - producer of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, and Rodney Jerkins, who worked with Whitney Houston and Brian McKnight. Plus One `s debut album was released in 2000 and already in the first week was sold out with a circulation of 19,000 copies ,hitting the top " 200 best-selling albums " Billboard ` and rising to the 76th line of the chart. Single Written on My Heart two months led the top of the Christian charts, and some time later reached the top positions hits God Is in This Place, My Life and The Promise. Released separate maxi- single Last Flight Out,was a success on many radio stations, both Christian and mainstream. Nine months later, the album Promise became the "gold. " Plus One then got good reviews from the magazine Teen Magazine, were invited to the CBS, CNN, and also took part in the festival Atlanta fest. Plus One even had the honor to speak to the viceUS President Al Gore at the "Democratic National Convention ". In autumn the band went on tour with Christian pop star Jesse Vilaskez (Jaci Velasquez), Stacie Orrico (Stacie Orrico) and Rachel Lamp (Rachael Lampa). The group was also invited to speak at national basketball games,which was attended by Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks. Song With All Your Heart soundtrack to the cartoon Pokemon 2000, and the guys invited to the role of themselves in one of the episodes of the television series " Days of Our Lives ," which looked at the statistics of the order of three and a half million people. At the end of 2000-Plus One year has become one of the best-selling Christian groups and together with P. O. D. was named " Breakthrough of the Year ". In the spring of 2001, Plus One received the award Dove awards in the category " Best New Artist " and has been presented in three categories : " the Group " ; " The best pop song " (Written On My Heart) and "Best Pop Album " (Promise).Despite the busy schedule of tours, the group has collaborated with missionary centers dealing with drug prevention and care of the homeless. In producing the second album was attended by musicians themselves, so two songs Start To Fly and Calling Down An Angel are sprodyusirovanny Nathan Cole and Gabe Combs. Album Obvious,released in 2002, sales reached 29 on the Billboard chart. The single topped the charts Going Crazy Radio Disney `s, after which, as headliners, Plus One went to Radio Disney tour, and in the summer of the same year made with Destiny` s Child, O - Town and the Baha Men.The group as a Christmas gift a collection of cover versions of Christmas carols was recorded, which included covers of Silent Night, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Oh Holy Night andother legendary songs, without which no cost, the celebration of Christmas. After a long tour in the fall of 2002, the group left, Jason Perry ,and in winter the band have entered into marriage Jeremy Mair. After they left, the staff seems to be inevitably doomed to decay, but the remaining three guys decided to write different music that did not satisfy the label Atlantic records management, as a result of a contract between the band and the label was terminated. Search for a new label for a long time did not have ,because the guys signed a contract with Christian label InPop, where the album rock album Exodus was released. Producers were released - Peter and Jeff Farler Frankishteyn of the Newsboys. For the first time the guys from Plus One lucky enough to record his own material, replacing the youthful pop music to mature pop-rock. Gabe started playing the guitar ,and Nathan stood behind the keyboards. The two guys wrote almost all the songs, except for the famous hymn of worship Here I am to Worship. Single Poor Man was the first and last single in the history of Plus One, who are in the rock charts. After the Exodus of the tour in 2004, the guys realized that the band`s popularity is on the wane, and therefore the decision was made ,that Plus One must finish its existence under the old name. Tastes Nathan and Gabe at that time were completely oriented to the British rock wave as they are now listening to Radiohead, Muse and Coldplay. At the close of the project Plus One group has sold over 1,200,000 copies of the album in the United States only. In September 2004-of Nathan Cole and Gabe Combs moved to California, where they founded their own Castledoor group, and Walters was in Nashville, where he began a solo career. In 2006, in the Castledoor came Lisa Cole and Corey Combs - his wife Nathan and Gabe, and the bass player and drummer Brandon Shvartszel Joel Carpenter. The new composition of the group was independently recorded Follow the Dove EP. Plus One went from boyish pop band to confident rock band. This has already happened to a Christian boy band Phat Chance, later evolved into the neo - rock`n`roll band Stereo Motion. Examples of these are not enough,but observe such processes is always interesting.

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