Platon Golubkov

Picture of Platon Golubkov

Date of Birth: 11/13/1786

Age: 68

Place of birth: Kostroma

Citizenship: Russia


Plato Golubkov V. (1786-1855) - Russian merchant, philanthropist, collegiate councilor

A native of Kostroma, born November 13, 1786, spent his childhood and youth in great poverty, learned to read and write on the calendar penny, but, being very curious, spent whole nights without sleep reading in cold chambers Kostroma provincial library. Began service clerk, then sailed on the Caspian Sea and, finally, engaged in drinking the mercy, and breech deliveries zolotopromyshlennostyo in Siberia, and this had made a large fortune. A significant part of their income G. spent on charity and for the benefit of science. He donated large sums to the device in Irkutsk girl`s Institute (in 1841 et seq. Of more than 100,000 p. ACC), on orphanages in Kostroma, Krasnoyarsk and Peterhof, on scholarship at St. Petersburg school of the Order. Catherine and Alexander orphan case. A lot of money donated it to the church (in Dalmatia, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in a village near Moscow Myshetskaya et al.) And in general the poor; so he gave in the 30s 500000 p. ass. the poor residents of Moscow. It took very idea of ??a raised Russia`s trade values ??in Asia; Russian merchants wishing to familiarize with the countries of the East and to specify the way Russian manufactory marketing works, he has published a number of translations of works and materials: 1) "Assembly acts on the privileges granted to the British Government of the East India Company and the Bank of London." M., 1843 .; 2) "British India in 1843", op. c. Warren. M., 1845 .; 3) "The British Empire in India", Op. c. Biornshtierny. M., 1847 .; 4) "Kabul. Travel records in the 1836-1838 biennium. A. Bornsa ". M., 1847 .; 5) "Napoleon project overland expedition to India." M., 1847 .; 6) "Afghanistan and the British in 1841 and 1842", op. KF Neumann. M., 1848 .; 7) "India under British rule", Op. Barsha de Panoena. M., 1849 .; 8) "Journey to Bukhara A. Bornsa". M., 1850 In addition they published "Autobiography of Suvorov" (1848), "Biography of the book. DM Pozharsky "and" On the Old Testament transformations "Smirnov.

GOLUBKOV helped and learned societies: Russian Geographical Society has received from him in 1848 - 22000 p. the publication of the map of Asia and ua translation and publication of the works of Karl Ritter "Agriculture in relation to the nature and man" (K. Ritter, "Land tenure Asia. Translated and added Semenov. The publication is dependent on member-sorevnovatelya AP Golubkov" SPb. ., 1856), in 1850 - 3000 p. on tour member of society PI Nebolsina and in 1851 - 30,000 p. on the Kamchatka expedition; Company history and Russian antiquities donated in 1849 1000 r .; Russian Archaeological Society in 1850 - 500 p. the award and in 1851 - 3000 p. the publication of the Life of St. Boris and Gleb, and 3000 p. Decoration on Ostrom Gospel. Four scientists Society elected him an honorary member. G. died on April 3, 1855 and was buried at Moscow`s Donskoi Monastery. On his gravestone monument is following epitaph:

Irkutsk and Peterhof his blessing,

Dalmat and Aleut send prayers on him;

The zeal of his fellow men to know good

And the great king himself, and the whole royal house;

Was good obschiya jealous,

The son of the church, neighbor friend, benefactor of Sciences.