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Canadian musician and DJ, Richie Hawtin is one of the most prominent figures on the international techno scene in the last ten years.

Known primarily for its minimalist tracks and hard club sets, Richie is constantly experimenting and evolving, moving from hard techno to melodic ambient,from quite traditional trance to slow scrap rhythmic weave.

An Englishman by birth, in infancy Ritchie moved with his parents to Canada. He grew up in the town of Windsor on the border with the United States, and that probably had a decisive role in the development of his musical tastes - Windsor is adjacent to the American Detroit, Industrial monster (there is company General Motors) and one of the centers in which originated the world of techno culture. In the mid-80 Ritchie is interested in EBM, then prevailed in alternative clubs and is in the heart of the birth of the Detroit sound - enter the scene Derrick May, Juan Atkins and other pioneers ofwhat then was called "Techno, the new sound of Detroit". Richie DJing in local clubs and in parallel starts to torment drum machines and synthesizers.

In 1989, Ritchie met with John Acquaviva and in 1990 they founded their own label Plus 8 - at the time an independent techno labels appear like mushrooms becausethe first wave of attack young musicians at major labels failing. Plus 8 immediately finds his own sound shape - tough, uncompromising techno club North American (despite the fact that among the musicians Plus 8 were Europeans, for example, Jochem Paap aka Speedy J, this music still sounded ThereforeNorth American as opposed to a wave of Belgian techno - rave that swept Europe at the time) . The first record label (States of Mind, Cybersonik, Public Energy) quite quickly become hits in the underground clubs on both sides of the Atlantic. Many of these records have now become rarities ,but history Plus 8 is quite easy to follow on a series of compilations Blueprints, unreleased on CD, as well as numerous reissues of classic tracks in various anthologies of modern techno. Interestingly, many of those who became famous Plus 8 music drum machines and then became one of the founders of intelligent sound - Kenny Larkin, Speedy J and Richie Hawtin himself produced in the mid-90s on Warp in a series of albums "Artificial Intelligence".

In 1992, the Plus 8 begins to actively cooperate with Nova Mute, young sableyblom Mute Records, focused on experimental techno.NoMu become the European distributor of some of the Plus 8 releases in 1993 appears CD "Sheet One", the first album under the name Richie Hawtin`a Plastikman, the project was then central to Richie. On the "Sheet One" finally formed plastikmenovsky style - very minimalist techno with an emphasis on classic machines from Roland -808 th and 909 th drum machine and bass station TB 303. Nova Mute is also releasing several records Plastikman`a, sounding even more minimalistic and tough - sometimes tracks of 7-8 minutes in length, built on endless repetitions, sounded like a magnifying glass. changes in which could be heard only by a very good sound and very intently listening to the hypnotic pulsation. Krakpot, Elektrostatik and Gak made in clubs bombshell. It was the highest point of development and the global popularity of minimal techno. Plates to print out a few times ,after which this material was collected album CD-only "Recycled Plastik".

However, Richie was not limited to minimalism and working for Nova Mute. In 1992, he and a few other musicians Plus 8 receive offers for cooperation from the then still young and not too famous Sheffield label Warp.In the book "Artificial Intelligence" appears composition "Spiritual High" project "Up!", Which hides all the same Richie Hawtin. And in 1993, Warp released the album "Dimension Intrusion" FUSE project, and it turns out to Richie again. FUSE music is quite different from the material under the alias Plastikman -there is much more melodic and humanity - length album in 76 minutes is a fairly soft, melancholic, and not a mixture of intellectual club techno, trance and ambient music. Then Warp release and tougher FUSE plate "Train Tracs EP".

Despite the stylistic diversity, Richie Hawtin music distinguished by one common feature- Excellent use of Roland TB 303. At the time when they were fashionable whistling sounds with screwed in up to the limit of resonance, Richie goes the other way, and extracts from old typewriter oppressive melodic passages or blind hypnotic bass lines. Apparently this is the ability to work with analog synthesizers and attracted the attention of German embient-guru Pete Namluka. In 1993, on the label FAX receive their first joint album "From Within". And, of course, the music here is not like any FUSE, nor Plastikman. The sound palette is the same - a classic analog setup a : 303, 808, 909 and a couple of synthesizers Namluka studio, but the music has not techno : not fast syncopated rhythmsection, in some places funny ringtones to tb- 303, some traditional electronics a la Klaus Schultz and naturally faksovsky ambient, focusing again on the bass line from Richie. For this album, then followed by two more, who were no less successful.

Meanwhile, Richie plays a lot of clubs, mainly as a DJ. This happens in Europe (mainly in England,especially where music Ritchie favorite), and in Canada - the US Hawtin became persona non grata after the period of its " acid experiments" Richie had serious problems with the police because of drugs. Ongoing work and Plastikman project. In 1994 appears the album "Musik", which marked the latest twist in his work.There is no longer any dance minimalism to replace him come broken beats no faster than 100 bpm (about the last dance reminds unless insurgent `fuk`). Press immediately rewards the status of Richie `intelli-acid guru`, and the album suddenly wins in the category of best album of the year IDM polls idm mailing list readers.In this correspondence competition "Musik" ahead of such giants idm, like Autechre, Aphex Twin, Beaumont Hannant, Black Dog.

Then Richie somewhat reduces the rate of release of the album, however, say that he had gone into the shadows, it would be a mistake - it is a lot of DJs, even releasing their sets on CD (his techno mixes come in a series of X-Mix on the label Studio K7,!as well as in a series of "Mixmag Live"). It turns out another album with Namlukom `From Within 2`, continuing the tradition of the first. In addition, Richie has been a lot of remixes, becoming one of the hottest remix prodyuserov in the world - his interpretation appear on singles The Shamen, New Order, Hardfloor and others.On the Plus 8, Richie launches a small edition series of plates " Concept is 12 ", consisting of twelve twelve-inch plates without names but with numbers, each of which contains one track on each side. On the Concept 12 Hawtin returns to extreme minimalist experiments -tracks are often made with only one drum machine. album "Concept 12:96 - Brinkmann Variations" will be released later, where remixes of tracks from Concept 12 makes German minimalist techno Thomas Brinkmann, best known for his experiments with vinyl - he is using a player with two arms ,the cuts on the surface of the plate radial line, then come up with something more sophisticated. Sound remixes quite diverse - from all of the same minimalist techno to poluambientnyh shurshalok.

In 1997, Ritchie again reminds of itself a series of releases. The single Depeche Mode "Barrel of a Gun" comes his remix of the instrumental track "Painkiller". Remix surprised everyone in the first place that it was not destructive with respect to the original minimalism, characteristic of his earlier remixes, and a very interesting and well thought-out interpretation of the original track ,which is not easy to grasp the style of Ritchie. Version as musicians like DM, which was then used as the intro track their world tour. In the same year on the FAX records leaves the third disc of the series From Within, surprised everyone akustichnostyu sound (one of the leading parties was suddenly namlukovskaya jazz guitar) . Drive immediately took the lead in the polls, " the best album FAX records". Appears and a new EP Plastikman "Sickness" (as usual, on Nova Mute), which includes two new tracks extremely minimalist and a fragment of a live performance.

In place of Plus 8 imperceptibly comes new creation Hawtin - label Minus Records (or M-nus,how often point to the plates) . The main headliner " minus " becomes Dale Lawrence aka Theorem, continuing the traditions of minimal techno and house music, but featuring softer and more atmospheric sound.

The new album Plastikman "Consumed" appears on Nova Mute in 1998. One would have to get used to the fact that each additional drive rather experimental, but all were surprised again. And I wonder what it was - the music was replaced by what has been unchanged for more than five years - sonic palette. In place of pure, polished sound 303 and 909 come dirty drums, deaf noisy bass,distant melancholy strings and hypnotic percussion reverb. All this sounds as if recorded with the film - the noise level exceeds all the standards that are valid even in independent music. Just remember the product label Chain Reaction, but neither of which do not have to think of borrowing, Plastikman is always and it immediately audible."Black box " - the most gloomy and hopeless mood for Richie drive, but the audience was greeted literally with a bang, Richie this disc even gained new fans. Pursuit, in the wake of the success of "Consumed", Nova Mute released the album "Artifakts BC (before Consumed)", compilation of earlier material. This CD takes us back in the days of "Musik" -here all the same not fast rhythms, melodic passages to 303 TB, and in some places blotches minimal techno.

In 1999, Nova Mute released a disc called "Richie Hawtin: Decks & EFX & 909 ". This DJ-set Richie Hawtin from a fairly hard techno. The length of the mix in 62 minutes reduced 37 tracks. The playing technique is a bit like Jeff Mills -relatively quick transitions, the excellent preservation of the rhythm. The disk in terms of selection of tracks is quite smooth and the climax comes somewhere in the middle, when after three consecutive tracks of Richie suddenly enters greatly accelerated Nitzer Ebb "Let Your Body Learn". In support of this disc Nova Mute arranges small Richie tour as a DJ.

No plans for future activities Richie is not known yet, in any case, no release at this time is not stated, but Minus Records re-released the first two albums From Within, a long time have become rarities.

A brief discography (albums) :

1993 FUSE "Dimension Intrusion" (+ 8 / Warp)

1993 Plastikman "Sheet One" (+ 8 / Nova Mute)1994 Plastikman "Recycled Plastik" (+8/Nova Mute)

1994 Plastikman "Musik" (+8/Nova Mute)

1994 X Mix Volume 3 - Richie Hawtin

1994 Hawtin & Namlook "From Within" (FAX)

1995 Hawtin & Namlook "From Within 2" (FAX)

1995 Richie Hawtin - "Mixmag Continuous DJ Mix" (Mixmag)

1996 Richie Hawtin - Concept 12 series (+8)

1997 Plastikman "Sickness" (Nova Mute)

1998 Plastikman "Consumed" (Nova Mute)

1998 Plastikman "Artifakts BC" (Nova Mute)

1999 Richie Hawtin - "Richie Hawtin: Decks & EFX & 909" (Nova Mute)

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