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This " progressive " team founded by former keyboardist "Dream theater" Derek Sherinan, at the beginning of his career playing in Alice Cooper and " Kiss ". In 1999, he decided to try his hand at a solo career and was going to make a record called "Planet X".

For this project he invited the Australian musician, drummer Virgil Donati (ex- "Southern sons" and "Dungeon") and guitarist Brett Garseda of "Nelson". By the way, ironically ,Donati previously managed to play in tribyutnoy team "Dream theater" called "Theater of dreams".

Collaboration inspired Sherinana and Donati to further cooperation and the next record, "Universe", came not as a solo album, but as a collective work under the name "Planet X". His style can be characterized as speys-rock and a prog metal.

Planet XPodbiraya musicians Sherinan wanted to organize the coolest instrumental deystvielno gang and all participants of the project turned out to be masters of their craft. In place Garseda Derekpriglasil famous guitarist Tony McAlpine. As a guest on Tom Kennedy bass playing, and on a couple of tracks played bass McAlpine. During the American tour of 2000, which "Planet X" played in the company of "Fates warning" and "Nevermore", the team was also accompanied by bassist "Dixie dregs" Dave Larue. After the release of "Universe" trio almost two years held in stages, having been in Australia, Japan, Europe and America.

Sherinan also found time to have time to play in another pro-group, "Platypus", which also included his former colleague on "Dream theater" John Mayang drummer "Dixie dregs" Rhode Morgenstayn frontman and "Kings X" vocalist Ty Teybor.

Planet X In 2001, Derek left the gang, but as on-site emue sit still, he took part in the South American tour Yngwie Malmsteen. McAlpine and Donati ,but also do not get hung up on "Planet X", making its contribution to a solo album Brand Boalsa "Ring Of Fire". Drummer else entertained "Freakhouse", helped Steve Walsh in disc recording "Glossalia", and in the summer of 2001 rolled out in the company of Steve Wei. In the spring of 2002 he was released live album "Live from Oz",recorded during the Australian tour in 2001 in his hometown of Melbourne Donati.

In the late summer of 2002, the sale finally a new studio album, "Moon babies". For the execution of bass lines on it were invited Billy Sheehan and Tom Kennedy, and has mixed and produced his veteran rock scene drummer Simon Phillips.

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