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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United States

Love Song ,which became a worldwide hit

Every girl dreams of a great love, a prince and night songs with a guitar. For the US cross-country champion DiKreshenzo Delilah (Delilah DiCrescenzo) last wish has been fulfilled, when the singer `Plain White T`s` Tom Higgenson (Tom Higgenson) wrote the song ` Hey There Delilah`,which quickly became a national - and, subsequently, a worldwide hit - and glorified the young athlete to the world on the other hand - as the muse. It is interesting, however, that Delilah and Tom had never been in a relationship and all have met several times at friends parties. According to many fans ,this is what made the song so popular : as often happens in life, despite the young man`s feelings, love and relationship was not destined to happen, so that, if due to his love for the rare meeting, he sends her last message. How would a fictional version of this may seem, it has a right to be. So possiblyonce the words, which are now known on all continents meant only for one person, but not conquered his heart, they conquered the hearts of fans, who are often too greedy, easily vulnerable, as in the case of fans `Plain White T `s` - also very true.

`Plain White T`s` - American indie - rock and pop - punk band ,Founded in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois). Since its inception, the band released 7 albums and became the author of several hits, including songs like `Hey There Delilah`,` 1, 2, 3, 4` and `Rhythm of Love`.

Group `Plain White T`s` was founded in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois ,three musicians : Tom Higgensonom, Dave Tirio (Dave Tirio) and Ken Fletcher (Ken Fletcher). In the first months the group gave concerts in small bars and clubs, playing with the other punk rock band Chicago, odnakoso time on the group began to pay attention to well-known musicians and producers. Particularly striking success in the local scene brought to them in the concert `Metro`, club and concert hall, which over the years of existence has opened more than a dozen groups, subsequently received national recognition. With the popularity of the band decided to revise the composition of the group and invite new musician. Their chosen candidate was the mest Steve (Steve Mast), in `Plain White T`s` he took the position of second guitarist and backing vocalist.

In 1999, the year Higgenson was in a serious car accident on the road : he spent three months in hospital, and upon returning home was forced to re-learn to walk and perform even simple actions. The incident, according to Tom ,I made him reflect on his life and that he will be able to leave behind - remember his relatives, friends and acquaintances ? Revelation resulted in a number of new songs, through which the group was able to get off the ground and begin to more seriously work on their sound. In 2000, the band self- recorded debut album, `Come On Over`,which has helped them to earn enough money to record a second album - `Stop`. Only after the release of this album nagruppu noticed producers label `Fearless Records`, soon signed the group.

The band`s third album - `All That We Needed`, became simultaneously the first album recorded in a professional studio ,He was released in 2005 year. On the record it has become the order of 10 songs, among kotoryhbyla `Hey There Delilah`, soon won the top line of the national charts, and then having achieved the popularity and global. The chart `Billboard Hot 100` composition is in first place for two and a half weeks. Of course,the song could not attract the attention of journalists, for kotoryhobsuzhdenie relationship of Tom and Delilah for a time became the main musical theme. Subsequently, the song received the status of ` platinovoy`. The same status awarded composition ` 1, 2, 3, 4` and ` Rhythm of Love`, appeared on the band`s next album. His latest album - `Wonders of the You

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