Pierre Laurent Wantzel

Picture of Pierre Laurent Wantzel

Date of Birth: 06/05/1814

Age: 33

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Vantsel born in the family of an army officer. In 1821 his father retired from the army, engaged in scientific work and soon became professor of applied mathematics at the Paris School of Commerce (& # 201; cole speciale du Commerce).

Pierre Laurent, too, became interested in mathematics. According to his friends, in his childhood he loved to discuss with his father mathematical problems.

In 1826, 12-year-old Vantsel postupilv School & # 201; cole des Arts et M & # 233; tiers de Ch & # 226; lons, goes to the College Charlemagne (Coll & # 232; ge Charlemagne) in the following year, graduating with honors.

In the years 1832-1834 studies at the Ecole Polytechnique, and then - at the School of Bridges and Roads (& # 201; cole des Ponts et Chauss & # 233; es). For several years he served as an engineer, then returned to the Ecole Polytechnique, and became a professor of Applied Mechanics (1838). Since 1841 also teaches at the School of bridges and roads (in the same position) and still a few schools of Paris and its suburbs, including the College Charlemagne.

In 1837 he published his most famous work with proof of the undecidability of the classical problems of the doubling cube and the trisection of an angle. Vantsel also proved that with the help of a ruler and compass is impossible to construct a regular polygon whose number of sides does not satisfy the condition of Gauss, that is not decomposed in the power of 2 and primes Fermat (see Gauss theorem -. Vantselya).

In addition to this, made him famous, works, published Vantsel more about 20 articles on mathematics, mechanics and aerodynamics.

Vantsel died before the age of 34 years, according to his friend Saint-Venant, from overwork.