Pier Gerlofs Donia

Picture of Pier Gerlofs Donia

Age: 40

Place of birth: Kimsverd

Nationality: Netherlands

Payment for the lost family

Pier Gerlofs Donia (Pier Gerlofs Donia) was born in 1480, the year the city Kimsverd, Province of Friesland, The Netherlands (Kimswerd, Friesland, Netherlands), the daughter of a wealthy family of a nobleman and the merchant. Pierre was one of four children in the family, from childhood was fond of science and was an honest small.

Growing up, he bought his own house and got married. Soon he and his wife had a son Gerlof (Gerlof) and daughter Vobbel (Wobbel). It seemed that life Pierre is quite successful, but in January 1515 the first year to the village in which he lived, approached several pirate ships, who fought on the side of the Kaiser Karl V (Carlos V). After collecting tribute from civilians, they broke into the house of Pierre, raped his wife and children and killed them, taking all the valuables and money from home. The fire, which they left behind, destroyed all the remaining buildings, leaving Donia without family, money and homeless.

`Huge, dark, broad-shouldered, with a long beard and with an innate sense of humor, Pierre, under the pressure of circumstances, was forced to become a pirate and a fighter for svobodu` - described the legendary personality Donia historian and literary critic Huet Conrad (Conrad Busken Huet).

By bringing his own band, which received the name of `Arumer Zwarte Hoop`, Pierre took up arms, determined in whatever was to avenge his family and ruined lives. During the first months together with other pirates he did capture of small commercial and military ships and attracting them to their side. When the fleet was equipped, he decided datboy hated the Dutch, who failed to protect his family. Just a few hours the pirates led by Pierre captured 28 Dutch ships, despite the fact that their fleet is much inferior in strength to the Dutch.

However, soon missiya` `high - the price paid for the lost family - has given way to the banal robbery and mass murder. Throwing his fleet for many hundreds of miles, he used the technique of `korablya` signal when at least one ship noticed the enemy ships, he gave the signal to the rest, which immediately swam to his rescue.

Pierre himself began to call himself `King Frizii`.

In 1519, the year he quietly walked away from piracy, a year later, 18 October 1520 year, died in the town of Sneek (Sneek).

With Pierre Donia involves a lot of legends, one of them tells the story of his incredible strength; there is in it, and some truth: it is known that the pirate growth exceeded two meters, and the body was, if you believe the stories, very large.

My favorite pirate sword is kept in a museum in his hometown; its size - 2 meters 15 centimeters, weight - 7 kg. Rumor has it that during the battle, Pierre never chose one enemy, and madly waving his sword. Each stroke of his cost the lives of multiple enemies.

Even after several centuries after his death about it have not forgotten: so, for example, rugby `Greate Pier` team is named in his honor, and not so long ago appeared on television series` Floris`, in which he spoke about the life and fate of Pierre .