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Date of Birth: 08/05/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Amsterdam

Nationality: Netherlands


Pia Duves was born August 5, 1964 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Holland), in a family of art dealer and a social worker. She is the grandniece of Doris Day (Doris Day), American actress and singer. From 9 to 19 years old Pia was sure that she would become a nurse caring for a mentally disabled child, but one day everything changed at the disco - Duves realized that more than anything she wanted to dance. Going to London (London), she was looking for a dance school, armed with `Yellow stranitsami` and chose ballet school Brooking School of Ballet. She had no dance education, besides, she sprained ankle ligaments, but Pia auditioned and was accepted into the school. Duves year later took part in a seminar on musicals with famous artists Susi Nicoletti (Susi Nicoletti) and Sam Kane (Sam Cane) to Vienna (Vienna), and say that Kane predicted that Duves become a star.

In 1986, she landed her first small role in a musical in German. It was a Viennese setting `small shop uzhasov` (Little Shop of Horrors), which was followed by many other modest roles. A year Duves played in his first major statement by singing in the musical `Koshki` (Cats) in Amsterdam, and in 1988, together with this performance she was on tour in Russia.

In 1991 she performed the role of Fantine (Fantine) in `Otverzhennyh` (Les Mis & # 233; rables), but the breakthrough came in 1992, when Duves took the lead role in the world premiere of` Elizavety` (Elisabeth) in Vienna. Although the Austrian newspapers has been much criticized since Pia Duves deservedly considered one of the most famous European musical stars. `Elizaveta` also became the most successful musical in the German language in the history of theater. She played the role before the first 1994 and then acted in other productions, including `Briolin` (Grease) and` Evitu` (Evita).

In addition to musicals, Pia sounded (and sung), the Dutch version of the first and second parts of the cartoon `Pokahontas` (Pocahontas) and took part in a gala concert` In love with Musical` with his colleagues Uwe Kroeger (Uwe Kr & # 246; ger), Marika Lichter (Marika Lichter) and Viktor Gernot (Viktor Gernot). In 1999, Pia played Velma Kelly (Velma Kelly) in the Dutch version of the musical `Chikago` (Chicago), and then again starred in` Elizavete`, but in the Dutch and German premieres of the musical. Duves appeared on stage in the role of the Austrian Empress 900 times.

In March 2003, Duves got a chance to play Milady de Winter (Milady de Winter) in the world premiere of the Dutch musical `Three mushketera` (The Three Musketeers), which later appeared on DVD. In 2004, she again starred in `Chikago`, but this time on the London stage in the West End (West End), and then on Broadway (Broadway). Pia was the first Dutch actress, took the lead role on Broadway.

Together with the German singer Ute Lemper (Ute Lemper) today Pia Duves is considered the most famous European musical actress. She took part in the recording of nearly three dozen CD and performed a duet with Jose Carreras (Jos & # 233; Carreras), the world-famous Spanish tenor.

In 2007 Duves was part of the jury of the Dutch reality show `Finding Evity` (In search for Evita). The winner of the show received the role of Eva Peron (Eva Per & # 243; n) in the new production `Evity`.

In 2010, the actress won the role of `Killer Queen` in the rock musical` We Will Rock You` in Utrecht (Utrecht), staged on the grounds of the band `Queen`, then proceed as Maria Callas (Maria Callas) in the play `The Master -klass` (Masterclass).

Author: Elena Murzina

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