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Date of Birth: 02/18/1915

Age: 87

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Phyllis Calvert (Phyllis Calvert, real name - Phyllis Hannah Bickle) was born in 1915 in London, England. She learned from childhood in dance studio Margaret Morris (Margaret Morris school of dance), but later the Phillies caught acting career. Her debut work in film was the comedy `The Arcadians` in 1927, but the name of the young Calvert was not even in the credits. However, the Phillies, who have already seen yourself only an actress, it does not bother. At the same time she tried to break through in the theater, making his debut in the play `A Woman`s Privilege`; eventually he played in such productions as `Blithe Spirit`,` The Heiress` and `Peter Pan`.

On the screens of the young actress appeared in the early 40`s, it became the first pictures of the drama `They came to nochi` (They Came by Night), where the Phillies got a major role, as well as military-musical comedy `George of the Dinka-dzhaza` ( Let George Do it!), where she also won the title character.

In the same period, Calvert got prominent roles in projects such as the comedy `Kipps` (Kipps) and the biographical drama` Mr. Young Pitt` (The Young Mr. Pitt).

The main heroine of the actress in the drama played and `43 `Man in serom` (The Man in Grey), and in the military comedy` zhenschin` 2000 (2,000 Women) 44th.

In the late `40s the Phillies off to conquer Hollywood, but soon reverted back to the UK; at home and she received his only nomination for the award `BAFTA`, for the film in 1952` Crash of Silence`.

In the 60`s it is extremely successful stage career evolved; among the films of the decade - a biographical drama `Uayld` Oscar (Oscar Wilde), a military musical` Oh, what a wonderful voyna` (Oh What a Lovely War!) and the thriller `Loose nervy` (Twisted Nerve). In the 70`s and Calvert starred in the television series, among them - `Kate`,` Uninvented istorii` and several others.

In the `80s and` 90s the Phillies further departed from the theater stage, more filming for television. Among the works of those years - `dolgoigrayuschie` TV projects Bun`` `Mr. Bin`` House Eliota`, `Memoirs of Sherlock Holmsa`,` Midsomer ubiystva` and many TV movies. Phillies last work for the big screen began in 1997 melodrama `Mrs. Dallouey`.

It is known that her husband was Phyllis Calvert actor Peter Murray Hill (Peter Murray-Hill), in the family had two children. The marriage lasted from 1941 until Peter`s death in 1957.

The actress died on October 8, 2002, at the age of 87 years.

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