Philippe Noiret

Picture of Philippe Noiret

Date of Birth: 01/10/1930

Age: 76

Place of birth: Lille

Citizenship: France


Philippe Noiret was born in Lille (France), to a wealthy family - his father was a commercial director of a large company. He studied at the Jesuit college closed, where he participated in amateur theatricals, singing in the choir. And although parents objected, Philippe Noiret went to Paris and began studying at drama courses.

His career began actor in Theatre National Populaire (TNP), where he was invited by the director Jean Vilar and where at that time shone Gerard Philipe, Maria Casares, George Wilson. On this renowned stage actor he came out eleven years. Play Noire had old costume in various productions - in "Side", "Lorenzaccio," "Mary Tudor", "Richard III". Together with a friend, Jean-Pierre Darras, he began to act in theater "Vaucluse".

In the movie, the actor was invited to join in the director`s career photographer Agnes Varda - her debut film role he played in the fisherman`s "short sand spit" (1956). Notice acting talent Philippe Noiret Louis Malle after picture "Zazie in the Metro" (1960). And after that the role of Gabriel`s uncle invited him to star in his film "All the gold in the world" (1961), master of French cinema Rene Clair.

The most important actor Philippe Noiret works created in 1970-1980`s, and among them the characters played there and aristocrats, and corrupt police. The range is wide of the actor, it is equally well acted in drama and comedy tapes.

Among the films with the participation Noire - a comedy by Yves Robert, "Blessed Alexander," a drama R.Enriko "old gun", in which he played Dr. Dundee melodrama "Old Maid" with Annie Girardot and "African" Philippe de Broca, police tape Eduardo Molinaro "The most tender confessions", which caused mixed reviews picture of Marco Ferreri "Most scoff," a drama by Giuseppe Tornatore `cinema` Paradiso `, "police tape" Open up, police! ", as well as the comedy" Tendre poulet "," Jupiter`s thigh " "Chouans".

Stand out in the work of the actor`s movies that created Bertrand Tavernier - director, who was able to more fully reveal the extraordinary talent Noire. In Tavernier, he starred in several tapes - "The Clockmaker", "Investigator and a murderer", "Let there be a holiday!" "Week holidays", "Clean", "Life - and nothing else."

Among the numerous film awards Philippe Noiret can be called two "Cesar" award, which he was awarded for his roles in the films "The old gun" and "Life - and nothing else."

Actor`s work:

1. Life in the castle - 1965 (Drama)

2. Topaz - 1969 (Thriller)

3. Heads or Tails - 1980 (Detective)

4. Fort Sagan - 1983 (Drama)

5. Open the police - 1984 (comedy)

6. The future of summer - 1985 (Drama)