Philip Henry Gosse

Picture of Philip Henry Gosse

Date of Birth: 06/04/1810

Age: 78

Place of birth: Worcester

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Subsequently, Goss traveled, studied at the same time collecting the insects, in 1827-1838, the collection of insects collected in Newfoundland, Canada, and Alabama, and then in Jamaica, then acquaint the European public with the local flora and fauna.

By 1850, he made a firm decision - to devote the rest of life mainly study the life of marine animals. In 1853 in London Regent`s Park for its first project in the world was opened aquarium - naturalist decided the difficult task of supplying oxygen marine life. The idea became popular - public aquariums soon appeared in Paris, Berlin and Naples.

Philip Henry was known as a theologian and a fiery fighter for Christian ideas. After the release of the book Darwin`s "Origin of Species" Goss became its ardent opponent and prove that a person could not come from monkeys.

Philip Henry Gosse died August 23, 1888 in Torquay (England).

Today, his disputes with Darwin firmly forgotten, but invented Goss aquarium firmly entrenched in everyday life.