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"Petra" - one of the most successful teams, performing the so-called Christian rock (texts focused on religious themes) .

The group was organized in 1972 by guitarist Bob Hartman, who worked at that time in the Christian educational center in the US city of Fort Wayne. For his company, he attracted young students of this institution - Greg Haufe (guitar, vocals), John Degroffa (bass) and Bill Glover (drums) . Starting to play in his home town "Petra" met resistance from local church leaders, was originally considered a devilish rock`n`roll music.However, the religious youth thought otherwise and regularly attended concerts " Petra ".

In 1973 the band signed a contract with the "Word records" and the following year released the self-titled debut album. The first release on style reminiscent of country -rock in the spirit of "Eagles" and was noticeably different from the subsequent records.

The next album ,"Come and join us" has appeared only three years. The disc already had a hard - rock sound, mainly due to the manner of execution of the new vocalist Greg Volz. Meanwhile, in the constant composition changes occurred. In 1979 came the record "Washes Whiter Than", on which the present composition "Why Should the Father Bother",became a hit religious radio stations. By this time, the team "Petra" a little stabilized and consisted of Hartman, Volz, keyboardist John Slick, bassist Mark Kelly and drummer Keith Edwards, then give way to the Louis Weaver. The following albums "Never Say Die", "More Power to Ya",and "Not of This World" greatly popularized the band and the band got " the Grammy " in 1984 in the category "Best Gospel Group ".

In 1985, staff turnover has begun again : Slick was replaced by John Lowry. The following year, Greg Volz decided to pursue a solo career and parted ways with "Petra".

He was replaced by John Schlitt (ex-"Head East"), and his participation was recorded "Back to the Street". On the 1987 album "Thiseans War" sound of the band a little potyazhelel. This trend continued in the following year for "On Fire!" Drive, thanks to the emergence of a new bassist Ronnie Cates, previously played in the Christian metal band "Stryper".Nevertheless, "Petra" never refused to perform his trademark ballads. Since the beginning of the 90s albums of steel to go less often. In 1995, Lowry was replaced by Jim Cooper, and the team came guitarist David Lichens, which took place piled Hartman. The CD 1997 "We Need Jesus" as a guest participated Lou Gramm ,frontman "Foreigner".

The composition has again started to change frequently : in the late 90`s in the "Petra" had time to play guitarists Kevin Brando and Pete Orta, Trent Thomason keyboardist, bassist Lonnie Chapin and Mike Brandensteyn. By 2002, the group consisted of guitarist Quinton Gibson, keyboardist Bryce Bell, drummer Louie Weaver, bassist Greg Bailey and vocalist John Schlitt.

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