Petr Vaschenko

Picture of Petr Vaschenko

Birthplace: Tambov

Citizenship: Russia


It was in Tambov. In the life of Peter Vaschenko it had three passions: mountain climbing, music and radio engineering. He graduated from the local music college and for some time played the trumpet in the first non-professional orchestra, and then in the pop quartet performs at weddings and in restaurants. Hack sucked. The musical career of Peter somehow did not work, and he began to earn a living repairing "Phillips" and "Panasonic". In this he succeeded, and soon became well versed in the most complex systems of import. He even began to call master. But to sit for hours with a soldering iron for table lamp Vaschenko tired soon. Not interested and personal customers. He decided to choose a criminal career, very, very original. And it is very rare.

I remembered the institute`s infatuation backpacking, and flashed a bold idea in a hot head: what if ...

To conquer the forbidding high-rises to mind was a lot easier than the dangerous cliffs. Descended or Peter flew on concrete walls with the agility of a monkey. At first conquered its own nine-house. Shocking friends, Peter easily down a rope from the roof. And a friend of Peter almost grabbing a stroke at the sight appeared in the window of a smiling climber, invited to the birthday party. With his free hand unflappable Peter handed stunned birthday bouquet. But the window was on the fourth floor.

However, for the fun did not pay. It was time to get to work. The first case-climber was dashing thief: Peter once easily climbed the balcony on the sixth floor high-rise building, climbed through the window in one of the apartments and borrowed there the first thing that came to hand - a Japanese tape. Theft, needless to say, got away with it. And it went. In the lower floors of apartment Peter penetrated the ground, to those that have been raised, down from the roof. During this time he became convinced of the indifference of others to good neighbor.

The subject of thefts Peter said, apparently, his passion for music. Basically Vaschenko specialized in tape recorders and stereos. Sometimes it took its toll in gold, jewels, cash. Stolen veshchichki not interested in Peter, and went to the local flea market: Vaschenko saving money in order to realize his dream: to buy a stereo Class "Hi-fi". Something like a child`s whim: I want !!

Soon, he could have quite eyeing the expensive equipment and the necessary funds were collected. For this Vaschenko went to Moscow. The risk to Peter - it familiar.

Indeed, in the capital prices on coveted center lower, and more choice. But there are a lot of experienced and throwing. Peter knew it. Nevertheless, he shared the fate of visiting music lovers. He grazed. Excitement Provincial not lost on some people`s attention. To be more precise - the new generation of thieves.

For who walk to the shops and an abundance of imported glazevshemu pas the provincial radio was approached by two solid-looking young man with a case and a decent outfit. Admiring elegant stereo laser head, Alexander did not even notice them. Pleasant and reliable gentlemen obviously moved the conversation on the desired direction of Peter. They have long advised that of the known brands ideal Vaschenko, and complained that the shops are full of low-grade lumber, which present "hayfaem" and some not lying, and a similar name. It is intended, in the words had come up "experts" for unskilled new Russian, who give "grandmother" is not known for that, and musical aesthetes zatarivatsya entirely elsewhere. Such as, for example, the company of these two gentlemen. Praising erudition guest guys invited him to their firmennyymagazin, giving the assurance that it is sold "just what you need" .For to Peter did not have a shadow of doubt, the guests immediately caught the engine, promising to pay. Peter was filled with confidence.

Soon, they were at the door of a nondescript, but credible small firm. The usual thing in Moscow.

It was obvious that the people who were brought here Peter, here I go. Shaking hands with the guard, they had a guest in the show room, where his eyes immediately fled from the abundance heaped best technology companies in the world, "JB E", "Hewlett-Packard" and many others. Soon Peter chose discreet but reliable sound system, struck him a unique quality of play and affordable price. This was what the Vaschenko and could not dream. Hand immediately reached for a stash hidden away bucks earned so difficult trickery.

New friends took from crazed Petit, already presents itself the owner of wonderful gizmos, and the money went to the cashier checkout process. It is at this time can take a taxi in the expected technique, which, again, due to the firm, the purchase will take directly to the station. This opportunity Peter immediately took advantage. But when he shouldered his hi-fi speakers with heavy on his shoulders, to him immediately ran-foot ambal in a tracksuit.

What happened next could only dream in a nightmare. He gripped the hand: "Hey, dude, what are you, about the ... Where to eat ?! dragging my column?"

Peter tried to gently objected, saying that his column, and not someone else, but Ambala pulled from his pocket a piece of paper, in black and white was the reverse is written. Yes, and he gave his neck, sprinkle deceived audiophile streams most selective and seemingly "nenaigrannoy" battle. It was useless to argue, as well as to seek assistance from an employee of the company. They helped Peter to leave the walls of the salon-shop. Under a hail of expletives such as "Well, rogue, someone else grabbed the speakers and gave the tear!" Vaschenko brought to the sun several burly security guards. I tried it and go to the police, but quite frankly it sent three letters, making it clear that in a large family visor does not click. The performance was top class!

Thus Peter lost all the money earned with such difficulty. And Vaschenko suffered a breakdown. Pissed at all in the past month, Peter "took" nine "huts", working in his field hard. But before he was cautious and more often than once every two or three weeks on the matter did not come out. I took it is now not only the radio news, and everything that could carry. Even the carpets, which could easily push through the front door. A couple of times it was literally on the verge of death. Plucked, hung between the roof and the ground, remembering the feel of his first failure in the mountains. But Peter has always been lucky, and everything ended well for him. Clean out the apartment, he triumphantly climbed out onto the roof and then dragged to what could profit.

We caught him a long time, but eventually got burned climber. Affected still lack experience malomalski conspiracy. Hot head did not realize. Carefully traces of crimes he did not seek. Therefore, the investigation failed to prove the involvement of Peter Vaschenko the robbery of 16 apartments. But the most interesting thing is that 7 of them located on the 9th floor, and the rest, 7.6, 4 ...

Despite the fact that Peter denied involvement in a series of crimes and even in many respects assisted in the investigation, clearly indicating where and in which apartment he took this or that thing, to whom it then sold, and so on. E., The court appointed him as many as little eight years in prison. "Better than mountains can be only mountains" - the song. This truth is known, and our hero.