Petr Savin

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Date of Birth: 02/01/1906

Age: 75

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1958). Born on February 1, 1906. Died April 8, 1981.

Peter Savin was born in Moscow. His father worked in a factory, and his mother was a housewife.

Peter after graduation went to work as a mechanic at the ironworks. By chance, in 1925, he starred in the short episode of the film "The Cross and Mauser", shooting in which were decisive in the choice of future profession. In the same year, Savin entered the Tchaikovsky kinokursy, study which began to combine with the work at the factory.

After graduating kinokursy in 1927, Peter Savin became much acting, playing mainly his contemporaries - young workers and village boys. Among the best works of the early period: Vaska ( "Lace"), Timoshka ( "Harmony"), Petr Ivanovich ( "Chance Meeting"), Emelya ( "At the Pike"), Garayev ( "Timur and his team").

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Peter Savin was evacuated to Alma-Ata, where he continued to work at the Central United Film Studio. Then, from 1943 to 1946, he was an actor of the Central Theater of the Red Army. In 1946 he was admitted to the state of "Mosfilm" and the studio theater actor (from 1951 to 1954 the actor went to Germany, where he worked in the theater of the Soviet troops Groups).

Peter Savin was married three times. From his first marriage he had a daughter, the second - son Alexander Savin, who became a cameraman. For the third time Peter N. married in 1946 and lived with his wife until his death.

With age, Peter Savin moved to secondary roles and scenes, playing mostly workers, leading ivoennyh workers. Among the works: Maltsev ( "For a showcase of department store"), political officer ( "Soldier Ivan Brovkin"), Popov ( "The Adventures of Artemki"), Balashov ( "Storm"), Stranger ( "Nahalenok") Timohin ( "War and Peace" ).

In 1964, film director Vladimir Savin Monks invited to the role of chairman of the executive committee in the movie "Unsolicited love". Petro was indisposed, but work still agreed. It was winter, there were severe frosts. Filming had at night, light shoes and a thin jacket. As a result of these surveys actor picked up a bilateral pneumonia, which developed into a polyarthritis, then tormented Savina entire life. Later, Peter Nikolaevich as revealed esophageal hernia, hindering the passage of food.

As a result of disease, he was forced to resign from "Mosfilm" in 1975. Peter Savin.

Movies and roles:

1925 - "The Cross and Mauser" (bully)

1927 - "Film career ringer" (Peter)

1928 - "Lace" (Shmulik)

1928 - "Prisoners of the sea" (Red Army)

1929 - "Black Sail" (found)

1930 - "I am ashamed to say" (Bream)

1931 - "The face of the enemy" (Yasha)

1931 - "The defeat" (Siskin)

1932 - "Wings" (Alex)

1933 - "The conveyor of death" (Christie)

1934 - "Harmony" (Timoshka)

1935 - "Duel" (Valentin)

1935 - "The last camp" (Senka)

1936 - "A chance encounter" (Petro)

1937 - "Gorge alamas" (Svetlanov)

1938 - "The Struggle Continues" (Hans)

1938 - "Gaychi" (episode)

1938 - "On the Pike" (Emelya)

1939 - "The commandant of the bird island" (sailor)

1939 - "Personal File" (teacher)

1939 - "The Night in September" (Plum)

1939 - "Tractor" (Klim each)

1940 - "Spring Stream" (Kostya Umantsev)

1940 - "Timur and his team" (Garayev)

1941 - "BCS number 3" (Belkin scout in the novel "Courage")

1941 - "Behind Enemy Lines" (commander of the battery)

1942 - "The Son of Tajikistan" (fighter)

1944 - "Duel" (manager on duty)

1945 - "It was in the Donbass" (schoolboy)

1946 - "Our heart" (Designer)

1946 - "The first glove" (a fan)

1947 - "The boy from the outskirts" (assistant engineer)

1947 - "The Tale of the" violent "(Kochetkov)

1948 - "Michurin" (security officer)

1948 - "The Story of a Real Man" (driver)

1949 - "The Path of Glory" (setter)

1949 - "The Battle of Stalingrad", 1st Series (Guard)

1954 - "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" (political officer)

1955 - "In a showcase of department store" (Maltsev)

1956 - "The sea is calling" (Peter)

1956 - "Resentment" (episode)

1956 - "The Adventures of Artemki" (Popov)

1956 - The "Prologue" (Oblique)

1957 - "Two Lives", km (blacksmith Fedor)

1957 - "The Girl Without an Address" (Police Lieutenant)

1957 - "To the Black Sea" (Strelnikov)

1957 - "The island of Far" (Kravtsov)

1957 - "The purpose of his life" (Gaponenko)

1957 - "The Storm" (Balashov)

1958 - "My dear man" (the cook)

1958 - "Knock on any door" (the taxi driver)

1959 - "In our city" (episode)

1959 - "Meeting the Dawn" (Egorov)

1959 - "The Fate of Man" (the landlord)

1960 - "the same age with the age" (Butyagin)

1960 - "Russian Souvenir" (Head Hunting)

1960 - "Miraculous" (Ivan Kravchuk)

1961 - "Evdokia" (Head of Construction)

1961 - "Nahalenok" tv, km (Stranger)

1961 - "Nowhere Man" (Krylov)

1962 - "The Knight" (Felix Pavlovich)

1963 - "The first trolleybus" (policeman)

1963 - "the secretary" (the driver Denisov)

1964 - "Unsolicited love" (Chairman of the Executive Committee)

1964 - "The Island of the Wizard" (episode)

1964 - "In the cemetery" (Kalyuta, commander of guerrilla group)

1965 - "The conspiracy ambassadors" (Ksenofontov)

1965 - "What was silent Taiga" (the principal)

1965 - "Emergency Order" (the sailor)

1965-66 - "War and Peace" (Timohin)

1966 - "Wild Honey" (Zubchenko)

1966 - "Day Star" (episode)

1966 - "The hell with the portfolio" (editorial staff)

1966 - "I am a soldier, mother" (Colonel)

1967 - "The Red and the White" (episode)

1968 - "Crash" (Krasin people)

1968 - "Seven Old Men and a Girl" TV (Head Anisova)

1968 - "Master of the Taiga" (village council chairman)

1970 - "Waterloo", Italy (officer)

1970 - "The Messengers of Eternity" (soldiers)

1971 - "If you`re a man" (section chief)

1971 - "The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Again the elusive" (watchmaker)

1971 - "Shadows at Noon", the TV (the farm accountant)

1972 - "The high rank. I - Shapovalov TP "(soldiers)

1973 - "Talents and Admirers" (chief conductor)

Buried actor on Vostryakovsky cemetery.

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