Petr Kuznetsov

Picture of Petr Kuznetsov

Date of Birth: 02/01/1899

Age: 69

Citizenship: Russia


Kuznetsov, Peter Savich (1899-1968), a Russian linguist. Born Jan. 20 (Feb. 1) in s.Bogoduhovskaya beam Ust-Hoper district of the Don troops (now Volgograd). In 1927 he graduated from the external studies of the 1st Moscow State University student D.N.Ushakova. In 1931-1933 he worked at the Research Institute for Linguistics, in 1934-1945 - at the Moscow City Pedagogical Institute in 1943-1968 in Moscow State University, 1948 University Professor. Died Kuznetsov in Moscow March 21, 1968.

In 1930, together with A.A.Reformatskim, A.M.Suhotinym (1888-1942), R.I.Avanesovym (1902-1982), V.N.Sidorovym (1903-1968) created the Moscow Phonological school develop ideas N.F.Yakovleva, NS Trubetskoy, R.O.Yakobsona and argued with the Leningrad school headed by L.V.Scherboy. Author of books (in tomchisle university courses) and articles on historical morphology of Russian language and dialectology. He described a number of Russian dialects. He investigated as Africa, the Finno-Ugric languages. In 1950-1960-ies actively promoted the exact methods of language learning.