Petr Illustrov

Picture of Petr Illustrov

Date of Birth: 06/27/1877

Age: 72

Place of birth: a. Chufarovo

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a priest, Peter illustration: in 1898 graduated from the Penza seminary education continued at St. Petersburg University. Published in Penza publications redaktorom.Za was their long-term educational activities and publication of historical maps for the school was awarded the medal in 1949 KD Ushinskogo.

Pyotr was a founding member of the Penza Society of Naturalists, taught in the public schools of history and geography, was a fellow at the Regional Institute of Teacher Training, a senior lecturer at the Pedagogical Institute.

In 1995, the administration of the Penza grammar school number 1, established a prize named after PM Illyustrova for scientific and methodological development of teachers for the year.