Petr Galperin

Picture of Petr Galperin

Date of Birth: 02/10/1902

Age: 85

Birthplace: Tambov

Citizenship: Russia

Peter Y. Galperin

Outstanding national psychologist, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR (1980). Doctor of Education in Psychology (1965), Professor (1967). He graduated from the Kharkov Medical Institute (1926). In 1926-1941 gg. worked in the Kharkov Psychoneurological Academy, led the pedagogical work in Kharkov and Donetsk (Stalin), he participated actively in the work of the Kharkov group of psychologists (Leontiev, AV Zaporozhets, PI Zinchenko, Bozhovich etc. ).. in 1941-1943. - In the Red Army, the chief of the medical evacuation hospital (Sverdlovsk region). Since 1943 - in Moscow State University. MSU; Associate Professor (1966), Head. Chair of the Faculty of psychology psychology (1971), professor and consultant (since 1983).

G. - one of the leading Russian scientists in the field of general, developmental and educational psychology, the author of the world-known theories and approaches. G. advanced the original understanding of the subject of psychological research, the specificity of human mental development. Building on the philosophical tradition of Russian psychology, Mr. arguments put forward and developed the position of preponderance purposeful formation as the basic method of psychological research. World renown gained theory put forward by G. systematically-stage formation of mental activity of the person. Within this theory G. were promoted and developed regulations on the types and properties of human actions on the types of orienting basis of action and the corresponding types of exercises, the scale of the gradual formation. As a second-level theories G. advances and experimentally proves the theory of linguistic consciousness, the theory of attention, a number of other private psychological theories that are included in the golden fund of domestic science. Paying tribute to the contribution of a specific, in general, genetic, educational psychology, it is necessary to highlight the unique articulated them in its internal integrity and systematic approach to the nature of mental phenomena and processes, the mechanisms of their formation and development. The teaching of the subject matter of psychology, the objective necessity of the mind, the basic laws of its development in phylogenesis and ontogenesis anthropological, of the laws governing the formation of ideal action, images and concepts as elements of mental activity - are the main components of the psychological concept of T .. The desire to solve fundamental questions of our science not reductionist, and proper psychological methods, to investigate psychic activity and its development objective - is typical of all scientific creativity G.

G. created that knows no parallel in the modern science of human mental outlook, not only opens up new prospects for a radically rethinking of psychic reality, but is a reliable basis for the qualitative improvement of teaching different subjects at different age levels. General psychological approach, G., put forward his theory (and first of all - the theory of planned-stage formation of mental activity of man) have repeatedly been the subject of special workshops and round tables of international and national congresses and conferences.

Main scientific works G .: Development of the research on the formation of mental actions // Psychological Science in the USSR. T. 1. M., 1959; Key findings on the issue of "formation of mental actions and concepts." M., 1965; Experimental investigation of attention. Moscow, 1974 (co-author.); Introduction to Psychology. M., 1976; Actual problems of psychology. M., 1978; Methods of learning and mental development of the child. M., 1985; Psychology as an objective science. M., 1998.