Petr Chernov

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Date of Birth: 07/11/1917

Age: 70

Place of birth: village. Medvedchikovo

Citizenship: Russia


Born November 7, 1917 in the village of Medvedchikovo (now - Kemerovo region). His artistic career began in Gomel in 1939, when the newly formed Regional Russian Drama Theatre has joined a group of graduates of GITIS (team leader - People`s Artist of the USSR L.M.Leonidov).

On 20 December, the old circus building on Komsomolskaya Street (formerly - Castle, now - Lenin Prospect), the opening of the theater. The first performance, which showed young artists Gomel was "Inspector" by Nikolai Gogol.

In the early years of the war Peter Chernov, together with other actors of the Gomel theater, performed with the front-line concert brigades in the front line, and in 1943 he became the actor of the Moscow Art Theater. However, the All-Union fame came to the actor in the movie. In 1954 he played his first role - Boris Gorikova father in the film "School of courage", and there was a film "Virgin Soil Upturned" in 1961 in the cinemas in which he brilliantly played the role of Semyon Davidov. Then, as before, there were other interesting roles in film and theater ( "The Quiet Don", "Moabit Notebook", "Seventeen Moments of Spring", "Salt of the Earth"), but such sign was gone.

Died January 10, 1988 in Moscow. He was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery next to his wife and father in law - actor Nikolai Batalov.


1. School of Courage - 1954 - his father Boris Gorikova

2. Morskoyohotnik - 1954

3. Land and People - 1955

4. Quiet Flows the Don - 1958 - Bunchikov

5. Virgin Soil Upturned - 1961 - Semyon Davidov

6. The Seventh Companion - 1967

7. petticoat - 1967

8. Moabit Notebook - 1968

9. Sibiryachka - 1972

10. Seventeen Moments of Spring - 1973 - Gromov

11. Consider me an adult - 1974

12. Family Zatsepins - 1977

13. The front of the front line - 1977

14. Salt of the Earth - 1978

15. Particularly important task - 1979

16. Coming Century - 1985

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