Petr Chardinin

Picture of Petr Chardinin

Date of Birth: 02/10/1878

Age: 56

Place of birth: Simbirsk

Citizenship: Russia


Pyotr Krasavtsev (according to other sources - Krasavchikov) was born into a peasant family in Simbirsk. In 1890 he entered Music and Drama School of the Moscow Philharmonic Society on drama class, which were first AI and AN Ugine Nevsky and since 1891 Vl. Nemirovich-Danchenko. After graduation took the pseudonym Chardyn, then - Chardynin. He worked in the provincial theater actor and director. Since 1908 - the troupe Vvedensky People`s House, with which he was invited to star in the film studio Khanzhonkov "Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov" and "Russian XVI century wedding" that set Vasily Goncharov. Quickly mastered the profession of director, he began to act as a director (debut in filmmaking - film "Power of Darkness", 1909), and soon became a leading director in Khanzhonkov. In 1916, after appearing among workers in Khanzhonkov directors Eugene Bauer, he felt "relegated to the sidelines," and went to rival Dmitri Kharitonov atelier, where he made several highly successful melodramas. It totals up to 1917 Chardynin had put out of which 34 have survived nearly 200 films.

In 1918, the screens went two-part film-benefit "Shut up, shut up ... sadness ...", which was marked by a decade of cinematic activity Chardynin Peter. He put the film on his own script and brilliantly played in it a key role.

In the years 1920-1923 Chardynin lived and worked abroad and then returned to his homeland, where he worked at the Ukrainian film studios. In the early 1930s, he was suspended from work in film and in 1934 died of liver cancer.


* 1909 - "The Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov" (actor)

* 1909 - "Russian XVI wedding of the century" (actor)

* 1909 - "The Power of Darkness" (directorial debut, the film has not survived)

* 1909 - "Dead Souls" (director, screenwriter, actor)

* 1909 - "The Enchantress" (sorezhiss