Petr Bogdanovich

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Citizenship: Russia


In 1771-1777 in the military. In 1777-1782 (formally until 1783) served in the library of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (translator and assistant librarian), participated in the drafting of its catalogs and ordering Kunstkammer collections. In 1779-1781 editor of "Academic Izvestia", at the same time in 1777-1780 oversaw Engraving and Drawing Academy of Sciences departments. Bogdanovic - author annotated directory of "all books are sold at the Academy of Sciences" (up to 1782 were published in the newspaper "St. Petersburg Gazette"). Publishing activity started in 1779, opened in 1787 in St. Petersburg`s own printing press, published more than 150 books, including works of the French Enlightenment of Voltaire, Jean-F. Rousseau, LS Mercier et al., DI works Fonvizin (pamphlet "Life Count NP Panin," the comedy "Brigadier" and "Minor", etc .; attempt to publish a collection of satirical essays were not successful because of the opposition of censorship), FA Emin (reissued his magazine "Hell-mail" and other works.) And others, as well as collections of Russian epics and fairy tales ( "Grandfather walking", 1791;. "The cure thought and insomnia", 1791, etc.)., Folk songs ( "Collection of Russian songs", 1792 and others.), prints and maps. Bogdanovich first translated and published in Russian (abridged) pamphlet Erasmus` Praise of Folly "(1789). In February and June 1786 Bogdanovic (in conjunction with FO Tumansky) published the journal "Zerkalosveta", which placed his article "On Alkorane" (special edition "with Mohammed Alkoranom" 1786, 2nd edition 1792) and chapters from the book "Rules for compliance with health ..." (special edition 1788). In August and November 1786 he tried to publish his magazine "New St. Petersburg Gazette", but without success (published in two rooms - mainly the works and translations of Bogdanovich, including the article "On the Russian Old Believers", published a separate edition in 1787 and 1791 under the title "Historical news of the dissenters").

Among the original works of Bogdanovich - a series of books ( "New Russian alphabet for children of the nobility ...", 1784; "New and complete the French alphabet", 1785; "The new French ABC", 1785; "The ABC of Russian for young children", 1788 and "Pismovnik or instruction ... how to write different kinds of letters", 1788). According to JM Lotman, Bogdanovich - author of the novel "Wild Man, laughing learning and morals of this world" (1781, in the Annex - "Conversation with a wild bachelor" Voltaire). In 1795, Bogdanovich was ruined. His large library and a collection of prints and paintings, badly damaged by fire in the early 1790s., Sold for debts. In April 1796 Bogdanovic brought to trial on false charges of insulting the private bailiff, and in May was sentenced to exile in Poltava. In December 1801 "forgiven" by Emperor Alexander I (the prohibition of residence in St. Petersburg), died in poverty and obscurity.