Peter Paul And Mary

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Year of birth: 1961

Age: 54 year

Place of birth: New York, USA

Citizenship: United States


US folk trio, one of the most famous musical ensembles 60s.Named the trio was the names belonged to his musicians - Peter Yarrow (Peter Yarrow), Paul Stookey (Paul Stookey) and Mary Travers (Mary Travers). Often `Peter, Paul and Mary` called one of the most socially important folk bands of their time.

Founded `Peter, Paul and Mary` Albert Grossman (Albert Grossman) in 1961. After listening to a number of folk singers in New York, he eventually opted for Yarrow, Stookey and Travers. His first album, the band recorded a year later;? Included in his compositions (like ` 500 Miles`,` Lemon Tree`, `If I Had a Hammer` and ` Where Have All the Flowers Gone ` nowadays considered a true classics of the genre. Ten months of the album held the top ten magazine charts `Billboard` - where he stayed for seven weeks in the first position.

Many years after that drive remained a bestseller; in total sold over two million copies of the album, so the RIAA awarded him the title of `double platinovogo`.Almost immediately after the founding of the group made it on TV - they were invited to the talk show host Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) and Joyce Davidson (Joyce Davidson). By 1963 -mu in the bank `Peter, Paul and Mary` there were already three albums; Incidentally,all three are held in the top ten on the day of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Peter, Paul and Mary).

A certain famous is the composition and `Puff the Magic Dragon`; Yarrow performed to music poemsnapisannye kornel? Skim student Leonard Lipton (Leonard Lipton). Vopreki rashozemu Opinion,song has no relationship to nikakogo of used narcotics; povestvuet she felt and in inoskazatel? noj form, the utrata children`s Innocence.

January 14, 1964 -go -go `Peter, Paul and Mary` sang a song of Bob Dylan` Blowin` In the Wind` on Jack Benny`s television show (Jack Benny);a long time this song was listed in Perene most popular songs of the group. Peter, Paul and Mary ever sing other songs Dylan - `The Times They Are a-Changin`,` Don`t Think Twice, It`s All Right` and `When the Ship Comes In`; it is quite easy to explain - Albert Grossman at that time was the manager not only `Peter, Paul and Mary`, and Bob Dylan.Cooperation is a matter for the benefit of both sides - the success of `Don`t Think Twice, It`s All Right` by Yarrow, Stookey and Travers greatly helped promote the album, Dylan`s` The Freewheelin` Bob Dylan`.

In December 1969 -of the band performed their last song is really successful, `Leaving On A Jet Plane`.Released after the single became the only single the group has reached a million sales.

In 1970, the trio broke up - the musicians decided to do solo projects. Especially succeed they failed - rare good luck (like `The Wedding Song (There is Love)` Stookey,written for the wedding Yarrow and later became one of the most popular wedding songs of all time) did not go to any comparison with the success that Peter, Paul and Mary have achieved together.

In 1978, the band reunited for the opportunity to perform at a concert against the use of nuclear energy; Next time they broke up only in 2009 ,after the death of Mary Travers.

In 1999, a group `Peter, Paul and Mary` was included in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame (Vocal Group Hall of Fame).

In 2004, at the Travers was diagnosed with leukemia. Of course, the scheduled concerts had to be canceled; Mary transplanted bone marrow.After surgery and subsequent rehabilitation period Travers returned to live performances

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