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Date of Birth: 05/19/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Barnes

Citizenship: United Kingdom

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Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Mayhew was born in Barnes, England. Initially, any plans for acting work he did not have; in fact, find its role in increasing the time it was in any case quite difficult. However, fate still found it myself - Peter worked in a hospital in London, where he met producer Charles Schneier. It Schneier Mayhew invited to play a role in an epic fantasy film `Sinbad and the Eye Tigra` (` Sinbad & The Eye of the Tiger `); after this role, Peter was called to another filmed while fiction film - `Star Voyny`. Almost immediately after his meeting with the young director and screenwriter George Lucas Mayhew she got the role. Initially, he was offered two options - the Wookiee Chewbacca, one of the main characters and the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader. Mayhew chose the first option, because I wanted to play someone positive; Vader`s role went to actor David Prowse.

Despite the frightening appearance, coupled with brand crossbow, noble and fun places Wookiee won the hearts of millions of children worldwide; after the release of the film in the light they literally filled the cinemas. Chewbacca in fact came out pet rather than a monster - even taking into account the fact that his voice specialist in voice acting Ben Burtt collected from the roar of a bear and a lion. `Star Voyny` bypassed at the box` Chelyusti` and become the most profitable project of the time; Mayhew, together with his colleagues in the film - Carrie Fisher, Mark Hammill and Harrison Ford - became stars.

In the future, Peter returned to the hospital to normal operation; Wookiee pelt, however, stubbornly did not want to let him go. The image of the hairy hero was substantially completed in `The Empire Strikes Back udar` ( `The Empire StrikesBack`) 1980; in 1983-th I saw the light of the latest film `` Return of the classic trilogii` dzhedaya` ( `Return of the Jedi`). In addition, Peter has played in the not so well-known - but concentrated around the Wookiee - CBS holiday special issue on the theme of Star Wars and `Muppet Shou`.

For an actor, and not shown on the screen of this person Mayhew became quite famous; He frequently attended meetings of fans of science fiction and comic books, where hundreds of fans lined up in order to get his autograph. His appearance was not for them a special secret - two spetsfilma, `Creating Star Voyn` (` The Making Of Star Wars`) and `SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back` while actively broadcast on television; they also Peter yet filmed Chewbacca mask and appeared as in its present form.

The number of fans of Peter not really decreased, and to this day - so, in 1997th he received a special award for his achievements in cinema at the ceremony, the MTV Movie Awards; the prize was presented by his colleague, Carrie Fisher. It should be noted that the actor really deserved such recognition - as a vivid image, he managed to create a very, very limited set of tools, like Rykov, the head turns or movement only this part of his body, trapped in the film - his expressive blue eyes.

In October 2005, Peter finally realized one of his old dream - he was finally able to obtain citizenship in the United States. Despite the fact that in the movie, he is no longer removed, his life in Texas especially hard to call calm - actor constantly travels to various events fansite, where he meets is not the first generation of fans on account of his work.

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