Peter Donaldson

Picture of Peter Donaldson

Date of Birth: 10/27/1934

Age: 67

Place of birth: Eccles

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Donaldson was born in Eccles, Lancashire (Eccles, Lancashire); however, when he was only 18 months old, his family moved to Gillingham, Kent (Gillingham, Kent). Peter received a scholarship to study philosophy, politics and economics in the College Balliol College, Oxford (Oxford). In 1957 Peter he began to lecture at the University of Leeds (University of Leeds); in 1960 he moved to the University of Leicester (University of Leicester). In 1964, Donaldson was appointed at the University of Osmania University in Hyderabad, India (Hyderabad, India). In India, Peter spent three years, only once every six months after returning to the UK in Ruskin (Ruskin College) College; has fulfilled all put Hyderabad on the contract term, Donaldson sat in Ruskin College full-time; Here he paused for a long time - until his retirement in the early `90s.

From the very first days of his academic career, Peter was seriously concerned about the low level of economic education in schools and institutions. When she was an employee of the University of Leicester Donaldson began collecting materials for more serious training course; It ends up on the basis of these materials, and his first book was created, `Guide to British ekonomike` (` Guide to the BritishEconomy`). First published `Putevoditel` was in 1965; The book`s success was so great that it was reprinted three times - in 1967, 1971 and 1976; Donaldson himself had established himself in academia quite talented popularizer of economics. Shortly after the book by Peter Related BBC representatives; c their help and for their initiative and Donaldson has developed the project Managing ekonomiey` `(` Managing the Economy`), successfully broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the second half of the 60s.

Even while working in India, Donaldson has been actively interested in developing economies; as a result, it was born `Welfare program and neravenstvo` (` Affluance and Inequality`), marching all the same Radio 4 in the early `70s. With this program, the attention of fans of Peter was presented his new book, `Separate miry` (` Worlds Apart`); addressed in the book is very, very similar themes.

In the late `70s and early` 80s, Peter has launched a new educational project - included in his book and a series of radio and television programs. Show Donaldson enjoyed success with ordinary audiences and schoolteachers often used them as educational material.

Peter died on September 6 of 2002; at the time of his death he was almost 68 years old.