Peter Briger Jr

Picture of Peter Briger Jr

Date of Birth: 1964

Age: 51

Citizenship: United States


The famous American entrepreneur, a successful businessman, a billionaire. His net worth is estimated at approximately $ 2.3 billion (according to the world-renowned business magazine Forbes, which ranked Peter to the category of the most influential and wealthy people of the planet). Currently billionaire lives with his family in New York (he has a wife and four children).

Peter Briger Jr. was born in the United States. He - graduate - at the time, Peter graduated from the University of Princeton, after which the future businessman was awarded a bachelor`s degree in science and art, and later - MBA.

For fifteen years, Peter Briger Jr. worked for Goldman Sachs. In 1996, the year of the entrepreneur became a partner in the organization and its revenues increased instantly.

Since March of 2002, Birger Peter Jr. was appointed to the post of director and board member of the company`s financial Fortress.

Earlier, billionaire performed many other duties in different companies. For example, for some time, Peter held senior positions in such business groups as Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, Whole Loan Sales and Trading business, Asian Distressed Debt business, Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC, as well as - in the company`s Asian Real Estate Private Equity business.

In addition, the billionaire was a member of Goldman Sachs Committee

Global Control and Compliance Committee, and - management committee Goldman Sachs Asian Management Committee and managers Goldman Sachs Japan Executive Committee.

Currently billionaire Peter Briger Jr. continues to be active in business and social activities. His work is characterized by a businessman in the best way, as, indeed, and his charity work. From time to time billionaire Peter Briger Jr. provides financial support to some organizations and institutions that are badly in need.

Cutting activities billionaire has been repeatedly marked and deservedly rewarded. To this day, the personality of Peter Birger unabated attention of society, and - media.

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