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on the development of the theory of specialist organizations

The American scientist, according to the organization theorist, professor of management at the University of Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio (Yellow Springs, Ohio). It is considered one of the most famous and most influential experts on the theory of the organization of the world economy; specialized (one of the few in the world) on the theoretical aspects of the format change organizations.

Most of all, Peter Weill famous for its unusual, unique and in many ways innovative approaches to issues of organizational behavior. His ideas and thoughts Weill actively published; experts from the respective areas evaluated highly enough of his works `Managing as a Performing Art: New Ideas for a World of Chaotic Change`,` Learning as a Way of Being: Strategies for Survival in a World of Permanent White Water` and `Spirited Leading and Learning: Process Wisdomfor a New Age`.

Weill Education at the time received within the walls of the Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School); in 1960 he received a master`s degree, in 1964 - a doctorate in business management. As the official Harvard materials Weill is widely regarded as one of the 10 most prominent specialists in the development of the theory of organizations throughout the country. One of the most interesting discoveries Weill considered the concept of `forever bubbling vody` - complex constant Janno changing social and organizational conditions and challenges that regularly face today`s leaders and managers. Considerable attention to Peter in his work pays and issues, at first glance, to establish a direct relationship of the theory do not have - so Weill often talks about the importance of spirituality, work space and the need to constantly learn something new. According PiteraVeylla, self-improvement and training are key elements of effective leadership, and even by `bytiya`.

During the long years of his career, Peter Weill had to change a lot of positions in major corporations across the country; It is known that resorted to its services and representatives of government agencies. Of course, Peter Weill and collaborates with educational institutions, and with all sorts of trade unions. Among other things, Peter Weill has worked as the head of the program for doctoral studies at the School of Business and Management, George Washington University (George Washington University`s School of Business and Public Management); it is relatively recently held the position of one of the university departments of University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis (Minneapolis).

Peter Weill is interesting not only as a prominent scientist and an outstanding professional, but also as an inspiration - as in the past, it was the success of Vail made his former colleague Eric Dent (Eric Dent) to do research in the field of development and reform organizations. During his further activity in Dent founded the School of Business, University of North Carolina at Pembroke (University of North Carolina at Pembroke) nominal faculty award named after Peter Weill (Peter B. Vaill Business Faculty Award). This award is given in the first place for achievements in the field of teaching; Peter Weill, according to Eric Dent, is a striking specimen of the scientist, capable not only on the effectiveness of research, but also to prepare a decent change. Dent has repeatedly pointed out that Weill is with great pleasure involved in the preparation of students and always with great enthusiasm took part in various educational activities.