Peter Allen

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Date of Birth: 02/10/1944

Age: 48

Place of birth: Tenterfield

Citizenship: Australia


Author: Light Konfetkina

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Peter Allen was born on February 10th 1944 in the town of Tenterfield in Australia. Allen began his own career with Chris Bell - as part of the project Allen Brothers. Musicians played in theater, on television and in the early 60s were very popular in Australia.

After - Allen went to Hong Kong, where his acting and musical talent found Mark Herron. Last suggested Aussie to go to London, as well as in the United States, in order to continue the creative activity there.

In the seventies, Peter Allen (Peter Allen) experienced forces acting break. A certain bet he did on their own projects, but the peak of popularity in this sense is not reached.

But his songs have become hits (global value) - primarily due to the fact that they performed well known in the United States singers. Such works as

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