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Nominated for the award of Edgar Allan Poe

The American writer, author of the crime thriller. The most famous of them - ` Alien vina` (Delusion),` Repetitor` (The Tutor), ` Down the Rabbit Nore` (Down the Rabbit Hole),` Fanat` (The Fan), ` Zabvenie` (Oblivion),` For zanavesom` (Behind the Curtain), ` The temnote` (Into the Dark). For a thriller `Lights Out` writer nominated for Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan Poe Awards),which is presented annually by the Association of Detective Writers Association of America (Mystery Writers of America), in the category ` Best roman`.

Peter Abrahams born June 28, 1947 in Boston (Boston). For a while he lived in Ottawa, Canada (Ottawa, Canada), and worked as a TV producer on CBC channel. Currently Abarahams lives with his wife and children in Falmouth, Massachusetts (Falmouth, Massachusetts), an ancient coastal town on Cape Cod (Cape Cod), founded by British colonists as early as 1660.

Abrahams admitted that he is influenced by such masters of artistic expression, as Vladimir Nabokov (Vladimir Nabokov),Graham Greene (Graham Greene) and Ross MacDonald (Ross Macdonald). In turn, Stephen King (Stephen King) calls it his favorite American writer in the genre of suspense.

Abrahams began a series of books for young readers called `Echo Falls Mysteries`. While in a series of three novels - ` Down the Rabbit nore`, ` ` For zanavesom` and in temnote`. The plot of each of them revolves around the girl - detective Ingrid Levin - Hill (Ingrid Levin-Hill).

As a child, the future writer was reading avidly, almost everything that could get in the local library, but most of all he liked adventure stories like ` sokrovisch` Island (Treasure Island). Peter had a very happy childhood, but since then ,how he learned to read, most of the time, he still spent with books. His family had a summer cottage in Quebec City (Quebec), and at the weekend visited the grandmother, also bringing popcorn and a stack of new books. He enjoyed a strong history and likes so far, but has since become much more demanding reader. Abrahams to discover that ,in addition to the exciting story, the book may have deep characters, lively atmosphere and ` govoryaschimi` details - that `s hard to describe, and that is the very spirit of the book. Many books do not possess this spirit, but the great novels - ` plamya` Pale (Pale Fire) Nabokov ` Komedianty` (The Comedians) Green ,` Crime and nakazanie` (Crime and Punishment) Dostoevsky (Dostoyevsky), - they literally glow

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