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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Citizenship : United States

Death at the peak of glory

`Perry Ellis` -fashion brand, part of the `Perry Ellis International`, fashion company based designer Perry Ellis (Perry Ellis).

Born Perry Ellis (Perry Edwin Ellis) March 3, 1940 in Portsmouth, Virginia (Portsmouth, Virginia). The first collection of his clothing, which was presented sportswear, the young designer presented in the 70sAnd soon he was called is already one of the most promising American fashion in the direction of sportswear.

Very soon, Ellis added their sports collection ordinary male clothes, and later products `Perry Ellis` expanded through accessories and perfume line.

In 1978 began his work fashion house `Perry Ellis International`,and on Seventh Avenue (Seventh Avenue) in New York (New York City) earned an exhibition hall. Sam Perry, together with the management of the company and served as chief designer.

Step by step to the production lines of the company added accessories, perfumes, shoe line, as well as fur.

In 1982, the company employs more than 75 employees, and in 1984th unit was set up `Perry Ellis America` together with ` Levi Strauss`. Getting started was more than successful, and the new enterprise income in 1986 was 250 million dollars.

During 1979-1984 the company `Perry Ellis` won eight awards ` Coty Awards`.

Sadly, Perry Ellis died while at the peak of his fame ,This happened May 30, 1986, caused the death of 46 -year-old designer has become AIDS. At that time, it was called one of the world`s top fashion designers.

After the death of the founder of the control of the fashionable brainchild Ellis took over his friend, producer Robert L. McDonald (Robert L. McDonald).Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) has come to the position of creative director at 19


Since then, the company has passed from hand to hand several times.

As of 2007 `Perry Ellis International` has about 40 retail stores that operate in areas mostly upscale shopping centers.Company consists of 27 different brands. In addition, the company holds the fifth place among the brands of men`s clothing in the US, with annual revenues of $ 1 billion.

Today`s CEO - Dzhorldzh Feldenkris (George Feldenkreis).

Among the Hollywood stars who took part in fashion campaigns `Perry Ellis International` -Paul Rudd (Paul Rudd) and Jerry O`Connell (Jerry O`Connell).

In early 2003, the company `Public Clothing Company` acquired a license ` Perry Ellis International` to manufacture women`s sportswear.

John Crocco (John Crocco) became the creative director of division `Perry Ellis runway Collections` in 2006.

Today `Perry Ellis` ThereforeIt continues to be a well-known fashion brand, and the company`s line of products has expanded at the expense of women`s and children`s clothing, underwear and accessories, glasses and frames. Unique glasses collection combines neoclassical and modern, and a wide range of products offers optics for all - from offices to glamorous parties. The company`s products can be found in 50 countries around the world.

Many collections of women`s perfume brand line `Perry Ellis` won prestigious awards for its elegant and sensual fragrances. Among them - ` 360

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