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Year of birth : 1975

Age: 40 yearsPlace of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States


`Pere Ubu` - American musical band playing in a style close to the avant-garde and garage rock. By the way, just so - `avant garage` - musicians and named his own style.

He formed a team in 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland, Ohio).In the first part then includes singer David Thomas (David Thomas), guitarists Peter Lafner (Peter Laughner) and Tom Herman (Tom Herman), bassist Tim Wright (Tim Wright), keyboardist Allen Reyvenstayn (Allen Ravenstine) and drummer Scott Krauss (Scott Krauss).

`Pere Ubu` began with the release of several singles - ` 30 Seconds Over Tokyo` and compositions 1976-of `Final Solution`. It is noteworthy that the musicians released their singles to David Thomas `s own record label.

It was enough to notice a group of the general background, it is very supportive of and highly expressive Allen sound effects and original vocals of David.

In 1977-m in the group had a first shock - firmly hooked on drugs Lafner Peter was fired, and after a short time, he suddenly died of an overdose.

Generally, as a part of `Pere Ubu` then there have been some changes - not became Lafnera, left Tim Wright, the first album but nonetheless came in 1978. It was called the record `The Modern Dance`.Commercial as well as any success has not followed. However, in the musical environment of the album it was seen - many groups working in the style of rock, punk and new wave, one way or another come under the influence of music `Pere Ubu`.

Also in 1978 came the second album titled `Dub Housing`, the album continued experiments musicians, followed, in 1980m came out and `

New Picnic Time`, after which the group disbanded the surprise of many.

The reunion, however, there is already a few months later, and with it a part of addicts again occurred reshuffle - so, come to the place of Herman Thompson Mayo (Mayo Thompson) from the group of `Red Krayola`.In the same 1980 `Pere Ubu` released another album -` The Art of Walking`, in support of which they had many pokolesit on tour.

Live album ` 390

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Pere Ubu photo
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