Percy Edwards

Picture of Percy Edwards

Date of Birth: 06/01/1908

Age: 88

Place of birth: Ipswich

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Percy Edwards (Percy Edwards) was born in 1908 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England (Ipswich, Suffolk, England). The greatest passion of the young Percy was the nature since childhood, and especially the world of birds. He was literally fascinated by voices singing birds and animals, he studied their habits, watched their behavior and learned to understand them. According to the stories, once I fell asleep under a tree, Percy heard a strange sound that he first took the whistle was for, but after realized that it was some kind of bird. He noted with surprise After a while, that zapominl and can generate the whistling with precision. It is rare and no less strange ability Edwards began to develop, accumulating all the new sounds of bird life.

For 12 years Percy has learned to perfectly imitate the voices of the animals, and the case demonstrate its unique and original talent wider audience introduced himself later. In 1930, the debut of Percy Edwards on BBC radio series `Vaudeville`. Later, Edwards took part in hundreds of programs, `ozhivlyaya` your voice various animals for 60 years.

It is well known and it is estimated that at the peak of his career, Percy could imitate the voices of more than 600 different birds and animals. So, Percy throughout his long career croaked, twittered and sang, kurlykal, cackled, tweeted, roaring, barking, growling and bleated.

His skill was useful in the movie industry - Percy worked as an actor in scoring films such as `Desperate psy` (The Plague Dogs),` Dark kristall` (The Dark Crystal), `Volgalla` (Valhalla),` Labirint` (Labyrinth) and many other. One of the most popular of his works was the film `Santa Claus: The Movie` in 1985.

It Percy Edwards voiced killer whales in the film `Orca` 1977.

That he portrayed the bleating of sheep in the song `The Dreaming` Kate Bush (Kate Bush).

In 1993, for his services in the field of entertainment and ornithology Percy Edwards was honored to add his name to the MBE - (Member of the Order ofthe British Empire (member of the Order of the British Empire).

Sam Edwards always considered himself first and foremost an artist, but he really was a member of the Zoological Society of London (Zoological Society of London), and was a highly respected and very well-known ornithologist.

Percy Edwards lived to be 88 years and died on June 7, 1996 Hintlsheme, Suffolk, England (Hintlesham, Suffolk, England).

In 2009, his memory and his life and his career has been devoted to the transmission of BBC - `The Percy Edwards Showdown`, leading which was made famous showman and naturalist, pioneer of documentary nature films, Sir David Attenborough (Sir David Attenborough).