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In 2009, Pepe Aguilar discovered new, previously unknown activity - fashion business. He developed a clothing line today successfully sold in various stores of America.

Pepe Aguilar was born in San Antonio, Texas (San Antonio, Texas), in the family cult Mexican actor Antonio Aguilar (Antonio Aguilar) and his wife, actress Flor Silvestre (Flor Silvestre). As a teenager Pepe actively fond of rap and rock music;he even had his own rock band, `Equs`. Handed group is not particularly long, but to record their first album, the band still managed. While the greatest impact on the music provided Aguilar creativity and `Pink Floyd` ` The Who`.

In the 90 Jose I decided to become a producer ;In this capacity, he helped to release some songs Lyupite D`Alessio (Lupita D`Alessio), Juliet Venegas (Julieta Venegas), and even a number of Latin American artist

. He does not leave Aguilar and his own musical career - in 1998 was released his album `Por Mujeres Como Tu`. He admitted he was warm enough - and even stayed in the hit-parade `Billboard` 52 weeks ; in total around the world it has been sold more than 2 million copies of this album. In 1999, Aguilar released the album `Por Una Mujer Bonita`, yigravshy subsequently Latin American ` Gremmi` ; By the way, only ` Gremmi` Pepe was nominated 9 times.

In 2002-m Pepe - first of all the Mexican musicians - performed at the legendary Hollywood Cup (Hollywood Bowl); later he became the first Latino, struck in Los Angeles `Kodak Theater`. On September 15 of 2003,chestodovschiny in the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence (Mexican War of Independence) Aguilar in solemn conditions have been handed the keys to Los Angeles (Los Angeles) - by the way, this honor once honored his father.

In 2009, Pepe Aguilar discovered new, previously unknown activity - fashion business. He developed liniyadezhdy today successfully sold in various stores of America. collection success flattered Aguilar, but the main thing for him was not income - income from the sale of clothing the singer has started to help his native country. Running a brand new eco-friendly agricultural projectPepe greatly helped a number of rural communities in Mexico

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Pepe Aguilar photo
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Pepe Aguilar pic
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