Picture of Pentatonix

Year of birth : 2011

Age: 4 years

Place of birth : Arlington, TXUSA

Citizenship : United States

Wonderful voices weave

Popular American a capella group, which appeared at the beginning of 2011 and within two years became one of the most famous young American bands.

`Pentatonix` history originates in the auditorium of the school of Martin High School in Arlington, Texas (Arlington, Texas) in 2010, the year,bosom when three school friends - Kirstin Maldonado (Kirstin Maldonado), Mitch Grassi (Mitch Grassi) and Scott Hoing (Scott Hoying) first performed at a school concert, even knowing that soon their voices heard on all five continents.

Soon, the radio guys heard that a musical event is held in the city,the prize of which will be meeting with the heroes of the hit show `Glee`, the fans they were for several years. Not having their own songs, they are only a few days have created a remix of a popular song `Telephone` and together they performed in front of an audience. they did not receive the grand prize ,However, his hometown famous and become real heroes of the school. On the nose was a graduation, the boys finished school : Scott moved to California and enrolled at the University of Southern California (University of Southern California), Kirstin enrolled at Oklahoma State University (The University of Oklahoma), and Mitch was left in his native Arlington.It is actually Mitch and became the founder of the group : learning about the upcoming audition for the popular show `The Sing-Off`, he persuaded other members to come, and also found two other musicians in the group : a fairly well-known young singer Avi Kaplan (Avi Kaplan) and avant-garde cellist and beatboxer Kevin Olusola (Kevin Olusola).Participants `Pentatonix` just two days rehearsing song and not only went to the main stage of ` The Sing-Off`, but in the long itogdazhe became the absolute winner of the third season of the show. The unique style of a cappella performance ,diverse compositions and charismatic members of the group - all this quickly drew them to the attention of viewers and Internet users, who can watch most videos and live performances of the young team online.

The main prize in the contest `The Sing-Off` became a grant for $ 200,000 ,musicians who have spent part of moving to Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California) and signing the first professional contract with the record company.

Since 2012, the group began to delight their fans cover versions of popular hits that appear on their video service YouTube page. Their first album `PTX Vol.1` went on sale June 26, 2012 - the first year and once ranked 14th vcharte `US Billboard 200` and 5 line in the e-voting site on the charts. Already more than 20,000 copies of the album were sold in the first week, and for advertising the musicians went on a small tour, which involved a guest appearance on the Chinese version of the show `The Sing-Off`. To the surprise of many, Kevin could speak fluently in Chinese without an interpreter and literally fall in love with most of the viewers of the show.

In the run up to Christmas `Pentatonix` released their second album -` PTXmas`, which in the early days has become a hit among Christmas albums in the iTunes store, and the chart `Billboard 200` took 50 place. The band`s popularity grew steadily, and among their fans were not only popular music fans, but also avid fans of a cappella, rock and indie.

Great attention is paid musicians vlonterskoy and charity work : they actively support the project `The Trevor Project`,the purpose of which is to prevent suicide among gay teenagers. The children also regularly take part in charity concerts, all proceeds from which goes to charity : for example, they collected humanitarian aid to Kenya in 2011, the year (Kenya),and after only a few months - the means to Mass General Center for Cancer Research.

The musicians themselves admit that they are interested in working together to themselves : they all listen to completely different music, each brings to the sound of something different ,but because the musicians are trying to both together and you talk more often to gather - because when you`re playing completely without tools, it is necessary to know exactly how the voice of each other

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