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Miracles avokadnoy diet

Chairman of the nutrition committee of the American Heart Association Penny Kris-Ezerton not so long ago was the head of the research project is quite interesting; in the course of studies it was shown that severely reduce the risk of heart attack and cholesterol may be eating a day for one fruit. Salutary fruit, according to researchers, is the avocado - a delicacy in our area is not something so very rare, but also among the not quite so accessible also owned.

As confirmed herself Chris-Ezerton, in particular the spread of avocado States also has not yet received; This product does not enjoy quite so widely accepted among the masses and the cost can be (especially in the `not sezon`) too expensive for the average buyer. In addition, the usual buyer avocado may seem completely incomprehensible fruit; Mass of recipes that include it, usually only remember guacamole. This sauce is called a good example of healthy food can not at least because most of it is used for food rather harmful - such as rich in calories corn chips. In fact, the avocado is a much more multi-dimensional product. It can be eaten with salads and vegetables, sandwiches and chicken, fish, or on its own. Eating avocado a positive effect on health - and it is not just baseless statements, but the result of careful studies.

As part of the study 45 healthy, thick and suffering from moderate obesity in people aged 21 to 70 years have been placed on the 3 diets that involve lowering cholesterol. Avocado researchers chose a particular grade - the so-called Hass avocados, wherein the characteristic lumpy green skin. For two weeks before moving to a cholesterol-lowering food the subjects were fed a conventional American diet (34% calories from fat, 51% from carbohydrates and 16% protein). One group adhered to a low-fat diet (24% calories from fat and 17% of monounsaturated fatty acids) without avocado, second - srednezhirovoy diet without avocado, third - srednezhirovoy diet with the addition of one avocado a day. We ate in a test mode for 5 weeks.

Results showed that patients who consumed avocado boast significantly lower levels of bad holesterinov` `- and the difference was approximately 10% in comparison to frank high levels. Other tests also showed clear benefits `avokadnoy` group; so they had a much more appropriate level of cholesterol and triglycerides. The research results were published on the pages of the `Journal of the American Heart Association`.

Chris-Ezerton explained that avocado considered something absolutely incredible it is not necessary - after all, the study suggested `teplichnye` conditions, in real life the situation is markedly different. In general, a scholar argues that the complete rejection of fat for health is not required - and the transition to products containing `poleznye` fats and monounsaturated fatty acids (like the same avocados) can quite seriously alleviate human life. Of course, the difficulties in the diet is a lot - at least because this kind of food can be many simply can not afford; however, in itself promotion of a healthy diet is definitely useful occupation, and one avocado a list of useful vegetables and fruits do not end there.

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