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Date of Birth: 04/02/1940

Age: 76

Place of Birth: Sutton, Surrey

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Penelope Keith was born in the United Kingdom April 2, 1940. She is a professional British actress known mostly for work on television.

Penelope Keith was born in Sutton, Surrey. Her father was a retired military man, and his mother took care of the children. After the Second World War, his father left home, shifting all the care of a family on the shoulders of his wife.

Penelope was educated in a Catholic boarding school, despite the fact that she is not a follower of this religion. During her studies, she became interested in the theater, and almost all weekend hodilaso his mother on the representation in the West End.

When she was eight years old, her mother decided to take a second marriage. Penny decided to take the surname of his stepfather, and from that moment became Penelope Keith.

After high school, Penelope decided to go to drama college, but because of the high growth it is the failure of the examination. Despite this, she successfully entered the Academy of Dramatic Art Weber Douglas. For several years, she had to combine study and work in the

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